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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Pirate101 Scavenger Hunt Contest/Event

Hey everyone!

A couple weeks back, Kingsisle gave me some crowns to give away to all you guys! I gave some away via trivia on my twitter account and now that I have my computer back, I am ready to give away the rest!

I have decided to combine this contest with an event and have a scavenger hunt.  What will you be finding during this scavenger hunt?  Well........There will be 5 of me (Autumn Walker) hidden throughout Skull Island and you will have to find all five!  Here's how it will work:
This is an example image and will NOT be a part of the official
scavenger hunt.
At 5:00pm EST on Sunday, May 22nd, I will be posting 5 screenshots, similar to the one above.  Your job is to figure out where each Autumn is and find her! Here's the twist though; each Autumn will be in a different realm related to where she is hiding.  Tricky, right?

Anyway, to enter the contest, here is what you need to do:

  1. Have access to the whole world of Skull Island, either via membership or crowns.
  2. Find all 5 locations and realms.  You can find them in any order you want.  Once you find an Autumn, take a screenshot with her.  Please be sure your pirate name and mine are both visible in the screenshots!
  3. Email all five of your screenshots to secretsofthespiral@hotmail.com with the subject Scavenger Hunt.
  4. Please include your pirate's name in the email. Please DO NOT include any personal information.
The first, second, and third people to find all five and send me an email following the rules above will win the following:
First Prize - 15,000 crowns
Second Prize - 10,000 crowns
Third Prize - 5,000 crowns

I will announce the winners on this post and on my twitter as I receive their emails.  I hope everyone has a lot of fun with this event!  Good luck and see you in a few days! :)

Scavenger Hunt Screenshots

There have been 3 winners as follows:
First Prize - Noble Jared Templeton
Second Prize - Connor Templeton
Third Prize - Golden Billy Nightingale
Congrats guys and thanks to everyone who participated! :)

Here are the screenshots for the Scavenger Hunt.  Remember that you need to find all 5, and that they are all in different realms.  Good luck! 
Skull Mountain (where we recruited Bonnie Anne) - Realm: Bonnie Anne
Frogfather's Sanctum - Realm: Frogfather
Shady Hollow, in front of the entrance to Hoodoo House
(Where we battle/recruit Old Scratch)
Realm: Old Scratch
Bounty Island Dock - Realm: Captain Gunn
The Catspaw - Realm: Catbeard

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Valencia Part 2 Confirmed with Teaser Images!

Hey Everyone!

I am back! For those of you who didn't know, I wasn't able to play the games or blog because my computer broke.  I finally got the part in the mail yesterday (it had to come all the way from China, which is why it took so long) and now I have my Precious......I mean computer......back! :)

Anyway, while I was spending time offline, lots of exciting things happened! Kingsisle finally announced Book 15 in Pirate101!  We will be going back to Valencia!  I am so excited about this!  You can see the official announcement on the KI Live video here: Valencia Part 2 Announced!  I have set the link to jump to the actual announcement!

Since that was announced, there have been many more teasers released.  The community managers sent each fan site an exclusive teaser image to release to everyone.  I was able to post mine on twitter, but in case you missed it, here it is!
Lots of people speculated on Twitter that this is a farmable tower in Valencia.  I have to agree that it does look like that.  How awesome would that be?  Frostcaller made a post with links to all the other fan sites' teaser images, which you can view here.

Along with those images, there were quite a few more hints in the May 2015 Producer's Letter.  Book 15 will be 2 chapters with 5 new levels!  They also tweeted that the new skyway is called Calabria Skyway, seen below!  

And last, but certainly not least, Kingsisle has announced a special promotion for members.  Everyone who has an active membership on May 31st will receive a Valencian Steed Mount during the first week of June!  You will also be eligible if you make a crowns purchase between May 1st and May 31st!  You can see the full details here: Valencian Steed Mount Promotion.

I am so excited about this new update! It has been a long time coming, but I never gave up hope that we would see this day.  Hopefully test realm will open tomorrow or Friday, but we'll see.  Whenever it opens, I know I will be spending lots of time on there, so be prepared for lots of posts with lots of pictures of the new content!

What are your thoughts about the Valencia Part 2 teasers that have been released?  What are you most excite to see in game?  Let me know in the comments below!  And I will be back to posting regularly now, so be sure to watch for my new posts!  Have fun and see ya soon! (Hopefully in test realm) :P

Monday, April 11, 2016

Fansite Festival NXP Event

Hey everyone!

This Saturday, April 16th, is the annual Fansite Festival!  This is a huge event that lasts all day long with several different parties/events in both Pirate101 and Wizard101.  You can read more about the festival and all the events on the Fansite Festival website.  I am really excited that I am able to host an NXP event with Frostcaller this year as part of the Fansite Festival.  Keep reading to find out more information!
Graphic by Frostcaller
Saturday, April 16th @ 12:00pm EST

Achaean Way in Aquila by captain Spartacos
Meet up in Avery's Court before the event

One-Eyes Jack, Area 1

David Everhart & Autumn Walker

1 - Hoodoo Bundle
1 - Olympian Bundle
2 - 5,000 Crowns

As stated above, we will be meeting up in Avery's Court before the event starts and then porting to Achaean Way to farm Spartacos and the surrounding ships for NXP, Scrip, gold and ship equipment.  You can either meet us in Achaean Way or add us before in Avery's Court and port when the event is starting.

Frostcaller and I will also be giving away some codes during the event (thanks to the Fansite Festival organizers and the awesome community managers)!  You can be entered to win one of these codes by tweeting a screenshot during the event with the hashtag #NXPEvent2016.  We will be choosing 4 random winners when the event is over and sending the codes through DM.  So be sure to follow @SecretsOTSpiral and @Frostcaller1 and send us your screenshots!

This is sure to be a fun event and I hope to see you all there!  See you soon!

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Easter Bunny Run 2016

Hey everyone!
Easter is coming up soon! To celebrate, Edward Lifegem from ATSWEL is having an Easter Bunny Run and I'm co-hosting along with a few other people! This will be a lot like the Santa Run he hosts in December, except with BUNNIES!  So grab your bunny costume (if you have one) and save the date below, because it's going to be a lot of fun!  Even if you don't have a costume, that's okay.  Still show up and join in!

We don't have all the details figured out yet, so I will be updating this post once I know more. Here's what I do know so far though:

When: Friday, March 25th @ 4:00pm EST
Where: The Commons, near the Rainbow Bridge
Realm: Vampire, area 1

There will also be a big after party hosted at a few different houses, as well as contests and trivia!  All that info will be updated as it becomes available, so be sure to keep an eye on this post and/or Edward's post.  I hope to see you guys there! It will be a lot of fun!

Monday, March 14, 2016

Meet Thrifty Autumn Walker

Thrifty Autumn Walker
Hey everyone!

As you all may know, I have been making a series of posts detailing different challenges you can try out to make Pirate101 more difficult.  In my last challenge post I talked about trying to complete the game without spending any gold or crowns.  You can see the rules here.

I decided to make a new pirate to try this challenge out with, Thrifty Autumn Walker.  I will be blogging about her as I quest through the game.  I am actually pretty excited about this experiment since I have never done anything like this before.

One of the biggest changes I am going to have to make while questing is actually paying attention to what I receive as drops.  I usually don't.  When I quest, I just plow through and then when my backpack is full, I head to the Bazaar.  I don't even look at what is in there.  I just sell everything that is auctionable and then check out the no auction items.  Most of the time I end up selling most of that gear as well.  I do the same for ship equipment.  Then I use the gold from selling to buy whatever I need.
Scenic Skull Island
During this challenge I am going to need to pay attention to every single drop I get.  This isn't a bad thing and hopefully getting in the habit of doing this will help me on other characters later on. I will be taking screenshots of the drops I am planning on using, either right away or in the future, and add them to my posts.
Battling some angels in the tutorial
So anyway.......Now on to the fun stuff!  I started questing a little yesterday.  I did run through the tutorial for nostalgic purposes.  Then it was onto Skull Island to recover Captain Avery's amulet.  After fighting troggies and cutthroats and more troggies and cutthroats, I faced off with Fin Dorsal and got the amulet back!  Avery was so impressed by me that he gave me a "ship" and sent me to find Captain Gunn's treasure.
Troggies and cutthroats and Fin......OH MY!
I made it as far as Traitor's Cave and then decided to do the side quests I had picked up and farm for some better ship equipment and NXP.  I did the pet quest and got my first pet and then headed out to fight some cutthroat ships, batacudas and flying fish.  Once I completed all those side quests, I farmed Deadeye Deidre (a ship boss) for awhile before moving onto Red Claw ships and Waponi ships.  I received some cool equipment drops for my ship, which made farming much easier.

I managed to reach nautical level 7.  My character level is level 6.  And while I was doing all this, I was training my pet and got her to level 11!  I only had the 3 pet snacks from the pet quest, as well as 3 more I received from fighting Deadeye Deidre....Yes, I got caught on her ship a couple times.  I also used a few training tomes I got as quest/leveling rewards and trained all my companions to level 4 or 5.  I plan to try to keep my companions trained to 2 levels below my pirate level, but that may change.  As I get more companions, that may drop to 3-5 levels below my pirate's level, but we'll see.

So what's up next? I plan to reach nautical level 8 (so I can equip some cannons I received) and then pick up with the main quests in Traitor's Cave.  Today I will also be posting a poll on my twitter account asking whether or not I should try this challenge without using companion orders. (Click here for the poll.) I am thinking I might give it a try, but I am curious to see what other people think.

Before I go, here is a run down of all the notable stuff I received:

Gear - Pirate Daggers (starting weapon), Cunning Ring (ring), Voyager's Spyglass (totem), Corsair's
Jacket (outfit), Vagabond's Shoes (boots), Warrior Helm (hat)

Ship - Raft, Broken Wheel (starting wheel), Horn of Crimson Fog (starting horn), Used Rudder (rudder), Rigged Mainsail (sails), Skeleton Billethead (figurehead), Rusty Cannons (cannons), Iron Cannons (cannons - will equip at nautical level 8)

Companions - Subodai (level 4), Bonnie Anne (level 4), Fan Flanders (level 5), Sarah Steele (level 5), 15 training points remaining

Powers/Talents/Doubloons - Sneak Attack, Walk in the Shadows, Naturally Tough, Light Armor, Treasure Bath (2), Mark of Skull Island, Sluggish

Pets/Snacks - Tiny Daisy (Ostrich - level 11), 3 quest reward snacks (forgot what they were, used all 3), Banana Gumbo (2, used both), Scrimshaw Swiss (used)

I will try to find a better way to capture/post the items I get. Also, I am hoping to make posts about this character weekly.  Starting the game over again has been a lot of fun so far!  I hope you enjoyed reading this post! I'm sure the next one will be less long-winded. (Does that mean it will be short-winded?)  Thanks for reading and see you soon!