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Monday, February 13, 2017

Friendship Festival 2016 Contests

Hey everyone!

It's February and the Friendship Festival in Wizard101 and Pirate101 has begun!  This means that I have some awesome codes to give out courtesy of Kingsisle and our awesome community manager, Tom!

All you have to do to enter my contest is follow this blog. Then comment on this post and tell me your favorite in game Wizard101 or Pirate101 memory that involves a friend.  Did you guys have a blast questing together through a particular world? Did you attend a fun event and meet a new friend?  I want to hear all about it in the comments!

I will be randomly selecting four winners on Monday, February 20, 2016 at 12pm EST. The prizes will be awarded as follows:

First Prize: 10k crowns, Lovely Leopard, Bunny Hug
Second Prize: 5k crowns, Lovely Ladybug, Huggle Hoggle
Third Prize (2 winners): 1k crowns, Cupig, Friendship Grouper

I will also be having Twitter and Facebook contests, so be sure to watch for those.  Good luck and thanks for reading! 

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Permadeath Companions Part 1: Meet Merciless Jennifer

Ahoy Pirates!

I hope everyone's 2017 is going well so far.  I can't believe it is almost February already!  That means only 11 months until Christmas, but who's counting? :D

Anyway, I made a poll at the end of 2016 asking which Pirate101 Challenge I should attempt. Most people voted for permadeath companions.  I finally got around to making my new character and questing a little bit, so I decided to make a post to share my progress with all of you.

I decided to make a witchdoctor, since it is my favorite class.  Her name is Merciless Jennifer, who was orphaned by mutiny, raised in Krokotopia and is naturally spooky.  And this is what her flag looks like:
I decided to skip over the tutorial and start right in on the storyline.  I received my first companion (Kan Po) and talked to Avery who sent me to find an amulet.  I met up with Bonnie Anne who sent me to fight some troggies and blow up some cannons.  Then I got to recruit Bonnie Anne to my crew! Woot!

After that I headed further into Skull Island to try to find some scouts that were out looking for Fin Dorsal.  I found one of them caged up by some more troggies.  I fought the troggies to get the key and freed him.  Then it was time to fight some sharks!
The sharks (cutthroats) were stronger than the troggies, but I was still able to defeat them with no problem.  We headed into the cave and found all the tunnels were flooded.  My crew and I fought a few more cutthroats to get a key to the room where we could drain all the water.

The only problem in this room was.......More troggies!  This battle was different because it wasn't really a battle.  We had to go around the troggies to attack the pillars so they would rotate and the water would drain from the, tunnels. My crew and I were able to do this in 3 or 4 turns without receiving too much damage from the troggies.  Buh-bye troggies!

So after we flushed the water (and the troggies) down the drain, we were able to continue on and fight with Fin Dorsal.  This was the toughest battle so far.  Before I went in, I made sure I had decent gear equipped and more importantly, I made sure I had leveled my companions up to my current level (level 3).  Sergeant Shepherd also joined us for this battle, which helped.  It also helped that we only had to defeat Fin, so we could focus our attacks on him.
 So we defeated Fin Dorsal and got Avery's amulet back.  I haven't lost any companions yet, but that last battle was close.  I had to have Bonnie Anne heal Kan Po because he was very close to dying.  I should be getting more companions soon, so that should help me out, as well as getting to level 5 so I can get some better gear for myself.  Before I left the Temple of Gloom, I picked up my first side quest, to return a cane to its owner.

I am going to pick up the side quests and try to complete them as I go so that I can gain more XP, gold and training points to keep my companions leveled up.

Anyway, I am going to try to quest and make a post every week or so.  It was a lot of fun to get back in game and replay the beginning.  Everything feels so new! That is always a fun feeling for me.  See you all next week!

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

My 5 Favorite Pirate101 Additions of 2016

Ahoy Pirates!

The new year is here.  I hope everyone had a great holiday season!  I definitely did.  We had our first white Christmas in years, so that made me happy! :)

Anyway, before I get started on new posts for 2017, I wanted to recap a few of my favorite things that Pirate101 added in the past year.  They had an awesome year with a continuation of the main story, as well as a few other updates along the way.  Keep reading to see my top five favorites!

1.  Valencia Part 2 - This was the largest update that Kingsisle added to the game in 2016.  After quite a long wait, it as great to get back in game and continue with the story.  This world is really beautiful to look at and a great challenge to quest through.  This update also brought new levels as well as the addition of new companions and promotion quests.  I can't wait to see what 2017 brings to the main story!

2.  The Armada Dreadnaught - In September, KI announced a new addition to Skull Island.  The Armada Dreadnaught is a epic turret boss type battle in the Skull Island Skyway.  Battling this thing is extremely challenging and fun.  Once you defeat it, you can go inside and battle it out with the bad guys, getting some awesome drops.  One of the cool things about the Armada Dreadnaught is that it's in a free to play area. While I haven't had a chance to run through this in the live game, I did a few times in test realm and it was a lot of fun.  Farming it in the live game is definitely on my 2017 To Do List!

3.  The Ashes of the Armada Pack - Along with the new dreadnaught, Pirate101 also go a new pack!  This pack gives out some awesome weapons and tons of cool furniture from around the spiral.  However, the reason it made my list is because of the Armada companions it drops.  Yes, that's right! Armada companions! I, along with many others, have wanted one since the game was in beta and now we can get them!  I was lucky enough to get Custos Modatrix, a buccaneer,  right before Christmas.  You can see a picture below.  I cannot wait to try him out in battle!

4.  New Powers, Talents and Epic Ranks - I think everyone loves finding ways to make their characters stronger.  I know I do!  Pirate101 added a host of new powers and talents to the game in the past year.   Some of these can be trained, while others can be acquired through special items and pets.  Stronger pirates means new worlds to come, right? :)

5.  New Holiday Decorations - This may not make some peoples' lists, but it does make mine.  I LOVE Christmas and seeing Skull Island all decked out for the holiday was awesome!  Kingsisle really outdid themselves with the decorations this year.  And let's not forget about the gift boxes! Those are always a lot of fun to open.  I hope they do the same thing next Christmas.

Anyway, those are my top 5 additions.  I could have added some other things, like new pets, mounts, ships, etc., but these really are my top 5.  Comment below and tell me what your favorite thing added in 2016 was.  And thank you to Kingsisle for make 2016 a great year to be a pirate!  Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

A Couple New Projects!

Hey everyone!

I have some news about this blog! I have a couple new projects I am starting for the new year.  Hopefully this will bring some life back into the blog by giving you all something new and interesting to read.....and maybe give me more ambition to post on here more often. :)

First, I posted a poll on twitter a couple months ago asking if people would be
interested in me adding some info about my favorite board games on here.  The response was overwhelmingly positive, so I have decided to add a new section just for board games.

There is now a link on the menu bar called "Board Game Reviews" that will bring you directly to all the posts I make about board games.  There is also a new label called "Board Games."  So far there is nothing there except this post, but I am hoping to make my first board game post sometime this week. I hope you all enjoy reading this new section!

The second project is a Pirate101 project, which is also the result of a Twitter poll.  You all may remember the Pirate101 Challenges series I wrote this past year.  Well now that it is finally finished, I have decided to create a new pirate and try out one of the challenges for myself.  Twitter people voted and decided that I should try out challenge #5, which is basically permadeath companions.  You can read all the details of this challenge here.
My main pirate's companions
How long will my new pirate's companions survive?
I will be making this character during the week following Christmas and start to level on her.  I have decided she will be a witchdoctor, but I haven't chosen a name yet.  If you have any name suggestions let me know by commenting here, on my Twitter account, or on my Facebook account!  If I get more than one suggestion, I will make a poll of my favorites and let you all vote.

A third project is also with a pirate, but she is one that already exists.  I have a level 14 swashbuckler (Autumn Walker) that I haven't leveled on in a long time.  She was originally created to quest through with my daughter, who has since given up most gaming. I have decided to continue questing on her solo with a twist.  This will be another "challenge" pirate, using Challenge #1: No ship or ship equipment upgrades.  She is currently in Monquista, so from here on out I will be using only her raft.  I will be making sporadic posts to update her progress, but those posts will mainly be about my nautical adventures.

So that's all for now.  Be sure to look for my first board game review post this week and let's hear those name suggestions!  I can't wait to start questing in Pirate101 again!

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Santa Run 2016 Recap

Hey everyone!

Yesterday was the Santa Run.  I actually logged on and went afk at about 8pm Friday night.  I knew it would be a huge event and I wanted to make sure I got a spot in the first area.  Well, it was a great idea, because that area filled up really quickly! We ended up with five or six areas full of wizards by the time the run started.

Here I am in areas one and two, joining in the dance lines.
Area 1 dance line
Area 2 dance line!
After the run through Wizard City, we ported to my houses.  I had decorated five different houses, all connected with teleporters so that there would be plenty of room for everyone to spread out.  I had a lot of fun jumping between all the houses, asking some Christmas movie trivia questions and awarding packs to people.  Next year I will be sure to check all my questions ahead of time to make sure that both the questions and answers can be seen in text chat!
Trivia and PVP!
Photo courtesy of @Iridian_Willow
I was so busy porting people and answering questions and doing trivia that I didn't get a whole lot of time to just chat with everyone, but I did get to meet and add some new people, which is always fun! I also didn't have a chance to take any screenshots of the after party, but I do have some from other wizards that I will share with you.
Getting ready to run!
Photo courtesy of @KristenTheWild
Reindeer line!
Photo courtesy of @KristenTheWild
So many wizards!
Photo courtesy of @BmmFlames
A PVP snow globe!
Photo Courtesy of @ChrissyzTweet
So many PVP peeps at the Polarian Shipwreck!
Photo courtesy of @Iridian_Willow
Chilling in the Candy Cane Forest
Photo courtesy of @Sky_Cori
The Polarian Shipwreck group
Photo Courtesy of @Sky_Cori
Is there a mystery to be solved?
Photo courtesy of @BiGxBaDxWoLFY
I really did have a lot of fun at this event.  I can't believe how many people were able to show up!  Many of you told me this was your first Run, and I hope everyone had a great time.  Be sure to thank Edward from Around the Spiral with Edward Lifegem for planning and hosting this event.  Also, thanks to Michael Frost and Frostcaller for helping co-host too!  I cannot wait until the next event.  I hope to see you all there!
Merry Christmas Kingsisle!
Photo courtesy of @ChrissyzTweet