Sunday, June 19, 2011

Introducing Wizard City Homes and Gardens

I would like to announce a new series called Wizard City Homes and Gardens.  This is going to be a weekly feature about housing items, glitches, and gardening.  I am even going to do some tours of awesome houses from around the Spiral.  If you know anyone with an awesome home, leave a comment below and we can try to meet up for a tour.

This week I would like to show you my house.  I crafted Watch Tower Hall.  It took a long time, and A LOT of gold, but it was worth it!  You can see a tour of my house below.

Thanks to Justin Irontail of Justin's Junction who made the video for me.  Justin also has a YouTube channel with tons of cool videos on it.  Thanks again for your help Justin!

Thank you for reading.  And thank you for everyone who has followed me!  Have fun and stay safe! 


TimothyLighttalon said...

Great job Jen! :) I would enjoy seeing this weekly section on your blog and hopefully other wizards will to :D