Thursday, July 21, 2011

Crafting The Celestial Observatory

I decided that since I crafted Watch Tower Hall for my balance wizard, I would try to craft the Celestial Observatory for my ice wizard. It definitely looks challenging, but I haven't decided if it looks more challenging than Watch Tower Hall or not.

Celestial Observatory
 I have promised myself that I won't be buying any of the reagents this time (except for those that cannot be farmed). I am going to farm for everything I can.  So it will probably take me a lot longer to craft than the other one took.

I am going to blog about my progress crafting this place, so that those who wish to try it can see what it entails.  Also, if anyone has already crafted it and has any tips, please feel free to post in the comments.  Any help I can get is more than welcome!

The first thing I had to do was buy all the recipes.  There are 5 recipes you need to buy for this house, as follows.

Celestial Observatoy Recipe
75,000 gold
Grizzleheim Crafting Station
12hr cooldown time
Purchased from Buxley Turtleton 
in Celestia Base Camp

 Crystal Streetlamp Recipe
16,950 gold
Housing Crafting Station
12hr cooldown time
Purchased from Gearwise
in Celestia Base Camp

 Celestian Sconce Recipe
13,005 gold
Housing Crafting Station
12hr cooldown time
Purchased from Gearwise
in Celestia Base Camp
Star Chalice Recipe
14,430 gold
Housing Crafting Station
12hr cooldown time
Purchased from Gearwise
in Celestia Base Camp
Celestial Tree Sprig Recipe
9,690 gold
Housing Crafting Station
12hr cooldown time
Purchased from Gearwise
 In Celestia Base Camp

 Total spent on recipes =  129,075 gold

Once I had all the recipes, I decided to buy all the reagents that needed to be bought and all the treasure cards I needed.  I purchased the reagents from in Archytas Celestia Base Camp and the treasure cards from The Archivist in District of the Stars.

Purchased Reagents
4-Crystal Vial x 330 = 1,320
14-Glass Vial x 125 = 1,750
3-Perfect Amethyst x 100 = 300 gold
5-Perfect Onyx x 100 = 500 gold
14-Perfect Peridot x 100 = 1,400 gold
4-Perfect Sapphire x 100 = 400 gold
11-Pristine Vial x 500 = 5,500 gold
11-Shadow Oil x 20 = 220 gold
Total spent on reagents = 11,390 gold

Treasure Cards
7-Gargantuan x 500 = 3,500 gold
8-Monstrous x 250 = 2,000 gold
14-Polymorph Ninja x 1,500 = 21,000 gold
5-Unstoppable x 250 = 1,250 gold
Total spent on treasure cards = 27,750

So I should be able to craft this house for 168,215 gold.  Wow, that's a lot! 

*Note* You can get some of these reagents from gardening and treasure cards as drops from fighting.  Doing that would increase the time it takes to finish crafting, but would also make the process cheaper.

The only other things I may have to buy are a few transmutes I don't already have.  If you aren't familiar with transmutes, watch for my post on them coming next week.  Here is a list of items I have to farm for.

Reagents to farm for
28-Black Pearls
2-Celestian Shields (from Charmtooth in District of the Stars)
80-Fire Blossoms
103-Fish Fins
23-Golden Pearls

I will update on this as I make progress.  Wish me luck and thanks for reading!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Good luck!-
Sean RedHammer lvl 60 Thaumaturge

TimothyLighttalon said...

Yikes, good luck crafting it!It's a lot of work so you'll need it

Edward Winterflame said...

23 Golden pearls??
Over a hundred pearls?? I:
Best of luck with that o:

Diana Wildheart said...

Hello Autumn, I would like to say good luck! You may would like to have gardening which they can drop what you needed. Save your time to look around for reagents. If need help with gardening, let me know, I am happy to help. =) First of all, good luck!

\|m/ Diana Wildheart

Autumn DreamWalker said...

Thanks Diana! I already had quite a few of the reagents from gardening and reagent farming, but thanks for offering to help. :) And thanks for saying good luck everyone!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait! You have to be a level 60 though, right?

Autumn DreamWalker said...

Nope. You just have to be a grandmaster crafter, which means you have to finish all the crafting quests up through the Celestia one.

Anonymous said...

Bazaar actually has a lot of celestian tree sprigs for way cheaper than you paid for