Friday, July 22, 2011

Farming Curuin Charmtooth for Celestian Shields

Celestian Shield
I needed 2 Celestian Shields to craft my Celestial Observatory.  A Celestian Shield is a housing item dropped by Curuin Charmtooth, a boss in District of the Stars.  Since I am farming for everything I can, I had to spend some time farming this guy.  I was prepared to fight him over and over for as long as it took, but I got lucky.  I got one shield on my second try and the other on my fourth try.  Apparently I have better luck getting housing item drops than I do getting pet drops. :P

Curuin Charmtooth is a rank 9 life boss with 4730 health.  He is accompanied by a Piscean Trooper, rank 9 balance minion with 1560 health.  His lair is in District of the stars, next to the Stellarium.

I found the best and quickest way for me to kill them was to boost with blades, traps and feints, and then to Ra.  Charmtooth used mostly Nature's Wrath and Seraph, although he did hit me with a Life Banshee once.  His minion used lots of Sandstorms and Judgements and one Hydra. Luckily Charmtooth doesn't seem to use Absorb shields or healing spells.  That made it much easier to kill him.

Here are some screenshots I took from the four battles.

Don't they look scared?

The rock-throwing tree

Ha! It hardly hurt!


Life Banshee

Hydra.  This didn't hurt much either.


And Scout heals me.....Thank you Scout!

Ra makes his entrance!

Anyone want fried fish for dinner?
And after four fights I had my 2 Celestian Shields!  Yay me!  Here are a couple screen shots of me getting them.

So that's one more thing to cross off the list of stuff I need so I can craft this place.  Thanks for reading!  See you next time!


TimothyLighttalon said...

Nice! You have better housing farming luck than i do!

the awesome necromancer said...

i got me a new site autumn

it is:

Autumn DreamWalker said...

Thanks Timmy! And I will check out the site and add it to my blog list :)

isabella dragonheart said...

your lucky i have been trying six times and no such luck yet