Friday, July 29, 2011

Getting Availing Hands

I finally decided to do the quest to get Availing Hands.  This battle was actually easier than I remember it being on test realm.  Basically, to get this spell, I had to fight Skabrok, a storm boss with 8,470 health, and his fire minion with 980 health.

Skabrok (right) and his minion
I found the key with fighting this guy was to shield .....A LOT.  I don't usually shield too much, but with this guy I used towers, elemental shields and volcanic shields.  And I took out the minion straight away, so I didn't have to worry too much about him.  I also put tons of heals in my deck, but I ended up only having to heal once, probably because it was a critical heal.  Skabrok used a couple Tempests, a couple Krakens and one Triton.  Following is an overview of how the battle went.

I spent the first couple rounds boosting with balanceblade and throwing a shield on myself.  Then I added gargantuan to a Nova card and hit them.  This took out the minion before he could hit me..

The next few rounds I used for shielding and boosting myself.  Skabrok started with four power pips and kept fizzling the first few rounds.  When he finally hit me with a Tempest, it was with full pips.  It only did about 244 damage because of all the shields though.

Of course I had to let Ra make an appearance!  I had balanceblade, bladestorm, hex. feint, and amplify.  And Ra did about 2900 damage.  Go Ra!  So at this point, between Nova and Ra, Skabrok was down to about 4500 health.

Meanwhile, Skabrok hit me with a Kraken and another Tempest, which was critical.  So I decided it was time to heal myself.  Apparently Scout (my spritely turtle) decided to take a nap during this battle.  Luckily it was a critical heal! (Helping Hands)

I decided to save up for a Judgement hit.  So I spent the next few rounds shielding and boosting again.  Skabrok hit me with another Kraken, but my critical heal was healing over 500 per round.

Then he pulled out Triton!  Since Kraken had used all my shields, this one hurt.......A lot.  If I remember correctly, it did over 1300 damage.  OUCH!  It was time for Skabrok to die!

I only had 5 power pips, but I had done a whole lot of boosting.  So I decided to bring out Judgement.  I figured with my boosting, damage rating and gargantuan, 4500 would be no problem.  And I was right!  She did 6144 damage!  Not the most I have ever hit, but it got the job done. Bye bye Skabrok!

So after that, all that was left was to turn in the quest and get my reward.  And here it is.....Availing Hands!

So that was my adventure getting my level 55 spell.  As always, thanks for reading, and watch out for an important announcement at the beginning of next week.  See you next time!


TimothyLighttalon said...

yay! congrats on the new spell! :)