Thursday, July 28, 2011

My New Wizard101 Toys

When the Dragon's Hoard Booster Pack came out, I really wanted either (or both) of the new mounts.  So I bought a few booster packs.  And I didn't really get anything too great. Sure, I got a robe, a hat, a pet and a pretty cool statue. But I wanted one of those mounts.  I figured I would never get one and I didn't want to waste all my crowns trying.  So I decided to save my crowns instead of gambling them.

Assailing Dragon Pet
But then, this week, the packs went on sale. They are a whopping 50% off! And the temptation was WAY too much for me.  So I bought one pack.......and assailing dragon pet.  I also got some reagents, housing items and a mega snack.  Not too shabby.

I figured since they were half off I would buy another pack and this time I got.........DRAGON WINGS!  YAY!  I was so excited I didn't notice what else I got this time. Probably reagents and housing items.  Maybe some treasure cards too.
My new dragon wings!

Dragonrider's Balance
So instead of being happy with the one mount, I decided to try just one more time for the Bone Dragon mount.  On my third try I got........The super awesome Dragonrider's Balance Blade. I also got a Skeletal Dragon treasure card, which I thought was pretty cool.

Okay, I was pretty happy with these items, but after a few hours I decided to try just once more. (Have I mentioned I can be stubborn when I want something?)  So I bought one more, not expecting anything great.  And I was right.  It wasn't anything great.  It was EPIC!  I got the Bone Dragon mount! 
Isn't he cute, flying around my house?
Autumn Dreamwalker, Dragonrider

So now I am pretty happy.  I don't think I will be buying anymore of the Dragon's Hoard packs.  I got pretty lucky.  I only bought like 10 packs total.  I never have luck that good..  Oh and for those who might be curious, below are screen shots of the stats for the gear I received.
From left to right: Sword, robe, and hat stats
Good luck to everyone who tries to get cool items from the Dragon's Hoard!  It's a pretty cool idea, and not too expensive if you don't keep buying them.  Although, it does get addicting.  :D

Thanks for reading everyone and happy questing!