Sunday, July 24, 2011

Wizard City Homes and Gardens: A Little Piece of Heaven

Alex Unicorndreamer has the Dragon's Fjord house, which is a pretty awesome house.  But the best part about Alex's house is actually what he created above it. 
Looking up at Alex's creation from the ground.
 Follow me as I take a tour and talk with Alex about what it took to create his "Little Piece of Heaven."

The entrance
Where did you get the idea for this?
My head.  Rofl. I used to glitch a lot, so I started building a garden for my sister, as a gift for her.

What did she say when she saw it?
Purple posie stairs going up.
She said it was amazing and she loved it and she almost cried out of happiness, because I had never done a project so big like that and it was for her. :D

Where did you learn glitching?
Actually, I learned by myself.  I evolved the process due to countless projects and as a result, I became a master at glitching.

This is what you see when you reach the top.
Many trees, 3 fountains, 2 suns and lots of cool paths and bridges.
Did you use the same glitch for this whole project, or all different glitches?
Go past the fountains and see this
awesome statue.
All different glitches, depending on the item used.  And glitching is affected by other glitches.  Any glitch under another glitch will affect the one above, but only if it is directly above.

So how long did this whole thing take to make?
For me, 1 1/2 days

And about how many purple posies did you use?
And past the state is a stone path
leading to this cool place.
Hmm, let me count.  (About 2 minutes go by) 145 exactly.

How much gold did this cost? It cost 40k for the bridges, 10k for the suns, and about 50k for other stuff.  So about 100k total.

Wow!  That's a lot of gold, but totally worth it!  I actually would have thought the purple posies would have cost more.  There is a TON of them! They make up the whole floor of the place.
Looking back the way I went.
The place turned out awesome.  It's one of those things that pictures don't do it justice.  You have to see it for yourself to realize just how great it is.  Below is a video that one of Alex's friends made.  Watch to see it Alex's house in greater detail.
*Disclaimer* I do not own this video.

Thanks for letting me into your house Alex.  It really is unbelievably cool.  Great job!

And thanks to everyone who reads!  See you next time!


xDeaDxL1ghTx said...

Awesome ty autumn :D

TimothyLighttalon said...

Nice Jen! :)

Autumn DreamWalker said...

Thanks guys! Glad you liked the post. And you're welcome Alex!