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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Wysteria Wallflowers

Prospector Zeke is back in Wysteria with a new quest.  He wants us to find the Wallflowers.  This is a smaller Zeke quest, with only four to find.  Here are their locations.

Pigswick Academy - Start near Zeke and head up the street past Tanglewood Way and the Wallflower is on the left.

Library Archives - I couldn't get a map for this one, but this is where it is.  Go into the Archives and head straight through the first room and down the ramp.  The Wallflower is in the second room practically straight ahead.

Pegasus Place - Go through the area with the pegagsus stables and through the room where the goblin portal is.  Exit that room and go to the right.  Before you get to the Crystal Tower, there is a nook in the wall, off to the right.  The Wallflower is in there.

Tanglewood Way - The Wallflower is located directly across the street from Lord Bramble's Tower.

Good luck and happy questing!

Finishing My Celestial Observatory

Hey everyone!  Sorry for the lack of posting lately, but I haven't really been up to much.  Mostly I have just been farming for reagents so I could finish crafting the Celestial Observatory.  And as interesting as farming is, I didn't think you would want to read about it.  Okay, who am I kidding?  Farming isn't interesting at all.

Anyway, I finally got all the reagents yesterday.  I stuck to my goal of not buying anything.....until I got down to the last 12 sunstone.  I caved in and bought those.  I couldn't take anymore running around Dragonspyre Academy for stone block and I thought Thunderfin could use a break from being killed over and over.  But everything else I farmed for.

Here are some pictures of the things I needed to craft.
4 Celestian Sconces and 2 Celestian Shields (not crafted)
3 Celestian Tree Sprigs, 7 Crystal Streetlamps and 8 Star Chalices
Once all the components are crafted, the actual house is crafted using the Grizzleheim crafting station.  So I headed off to Grizzleheim.
This is where the Grizzleheim crafting station is located.
This is what the outside looks like.
And a view of the inside.
And after over a month, I was finally done! Here it is added to my backpack.

Here I am at my Celestial Observatory.  I will post a tour of it once I have it all decorated.
Me outside my new Celestial Observatory
Having completed this house, I have to say it is harder to craft than Watchtower Hall was.  I never want to see sunstone again! Unfortunately, my next crafting project (teleporters) uses sunstone. UGH!

So other than finishing this project, I have been working on a couple big projects for the blog.  Look for those coming up hopefully in the next couple of weeks.  And don't forget to enter my Wyvern's Hoard giveaway in the post below.  There is also a link to it in the sidebar.  See you later!  Happy questing!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Another Wyvern's Hoard Giveaway

Since last week's Wyvern's Hoard Giveaway seemed to be so popular, I have decided to do the same thing this week.  The winner of the giveaway will win 3 Wyvern's Hoard Packs.  The rules are as follows:
  • Follow my blog by clicking the blue "Join this site" button at the right of the screen.
  • Comment on this post before Friday at 12pm EST.
  • Only one comment per person please!
The winner will be chosen via and announced Friday around 12pm EST.  Good luck everyone!

Friday, August 26, 2011

PVP Party at Edward Lifegem's!

Hey everyone!  I was just talking to Edward Lifegem and he decided to have a PVP party at his Sultan's Palace.  So if you want to go, meet in the commons.  Here is the information:
  • Where to meet: Commons Unicorn, area 1
  • Party Location: Ed's Sultan's Palace
  • When: Now!
  • Rules: No bad language and be respectful of each other, or you will be sent away!
Come join us for some PVP fun! Hope to see you there!

Wyvern's Hoard Pack Winner

This week 23 people entered the giveaway!  I wish I had enough crowns left to gift everyone Wyver's Hoards, but I don't.  Anyway, the random number generator chose #17, which means the winner is.....
Mark Stormhunter (The Elementalists)

Congratulations Mark!  Contact me here with a true friend code and I will get your prize to you.

Thanks to everyone who entered! And thanks to all my followers!  Look for a new giveaway on Monday morning.  See you next time!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

My Judgement Pet

I got my judgement pet a few weeks ago.  I finally got some mega snacks and trained her.....all the way to epic. Wow, training pets takes a long time! But using mega snacks definitely makes it a little easier.  I have only ever trained one other pet to epic before (on the live realm), so this was an accomplishment for me.  Anyway, here are her talents.

Pip o'plenty, add balance (6%), unbalancer (8%), and may cast weakness.  Not too bad, but I wish she had gotten spritely instead of pip o'plenty. She also gives the Mighty Judgement card, which does 440 damage and dispels 2 spells.  Here she is casting one of her spells.

Next I think I will train my Wyvern on my ice character, so watch for that post coming up, probably next month.  And speaking of Wyverns, don't forget to enter my Wyvern's Hoard Giveaway.  It ends tomorrow.  The post can be found here.  Thanks for reading! See you next time!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Celestial Observatory Update

Before I went on vacation, I was spending almost all my time on W101 farming for reagents so I can craftt the Celestial Observatory.  I have almost everything I need to complete it.  These are the reagents/items I had to farm for.
  • Acorns 80/80
  • Aether 24/24
  • Black Pearls 28/28
  • Celestian Shields 2/2
  • Diamonds 21/21
  • Fire Blossom 76/80
  • Fish Fins 103/103
  • Golden Pearls 23/23
  • Pearls 118/118
  • Sandstone 15/15
  • Sunstone 26/52
As you can see, I only need 4 more fire blossoms and I still need half of the sunstone.  The sunstone is by far the hardest part of crafting this.  You may be wondering how I got the reagents so quickly.  Well to be honest, I had a lot of them already.  I had probably half the pearls and fire blossoms, and almost all the diamonds, fish fins, and acorns.

I also planted Maelstrom Snapdragons, Fickle Pickle, Evil Magma Peas and King Parsley.  I got a TON of reagents from them, including probably 6-8 sunstone.  I thought I took pictures of my garden before I went on vacation, but I can't find them.  Anyway, all of those plants already reached elder, so I planted more Maelstrom Snapdragons, King Parsley and a couple more Magma Peas.  These seemed to give me the most reagents, including sunstone and fire blossoms.

I did find that the easiest way to get sunstone, and sandstone to transmute into sunstone, is to farm Thunderfin in Stormriven. He is one of the pillar bosses, a storm boss with 9,740 health.  To fight him, activate the last pillar, to the right of the ramp/bridge thingy.

Thunderfin likes you to use small spells, meaning spells that are 3 pips or less. If you use anything bigger, he uses Nova on you.  So I found the quickest way for me to kill him is to hit him with a couple small spells to get his health down a little, and then boost like crazy and hit him with judgement.  This works well and it only take 5 minutes or less per battle.  Here are some pictures from me farming him.

Since I have most of the reagents, I have started crafting some of the items needed to craft the Observatory.  Here is my progress so far.
  • Unstoppable 5/5
  • Perfect Onyx 5/5
  • Pristine Vial 3/3
  • Crystal Streetlamp 0/7
  • Celestian Shield 2/2
  • Celestian Sconce 3/4
  • Star Chalice 0/8
  • Celestail Tree Sprig 3/3
So my goal it so have all of the reagents by the end of the month.  The crafting shouldn't be too bad once I have everything.  It's just the waiting for the slots to cool down at that point.  Wow, I just realized how long this post is, so I will end it here.

Thanks for reading!  See you around the spiral!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My New Wizard101 Toys Part 2

For those who may not know, when Kingsisle released Wysteria, they also released many other things as well.  One of these is a new booster pack called Wyvern's Hoard Pack.  This is kind of like the Dragon's Hoard pack, but with different items. It costs 399 crowns.
Gold Wyvern
Sparky shooting sparks
Of course when I saw it, I had to try for the new wyvern mount, which comes in 5 colors.  I got lucky. I got a gold wyvern mount pretty quickly, after 5 or 6 tries.  I named him Sparky and keep him near the water so he doesn't catch my house on fire.

Me and Sparky
 After I got my wyvern mount, I noticed I had gotten a pair of 1 day blue fairy wings.  I decided I wanted to try for permanent ones for my ice character.  I didn't get any permanent wings, but I did get some pretty cool housing items. A chicken coop, a well, a couple teleporters and a whole lot of trees. Here is my "farm" area I made in my island getaway house.
The farm I made at my house with a chicken coop and well from
Wyvern's Hoard Packs
Cyan Teleporter
I also noticed something cool you can do with the teleporters.  You can make them go between houses.  I put one in my Watchtower Hall and made it go to my Island Getaway. I want to craft more now to make them go between all my houses.  Here's how you do it:
  1. Go to the house you want to teleport to and make sure the teleporter is in your backpack.
  2. Select the teleporter and click the area you want to port to.
  3. Go to the house you want to put the teleporter at.
  4. Select it and place it where you want it.

Me using my teleporter to go from Watchtower Hall to Island Getaway
Well I think that's all for today.  Thanks for reading and don't forget to enter my giveaway for 3 Wyvern's Hoard Packs!  See ya!

Monday, August 22, 2011


*Note* This post has nothing to do with Wizard101.

Since I was gone for 2 weeks and didn't get on Wizard101 much, except to check my plants, I don't really have too much to blog about at the moment.  So I thought I would tell you a little bit about what I have been up to.

As many of you know, I went away on vacation.  We were up at Moosehead Lake in Maine.  It is very beautiful up there and we had a great time.  It is definitely a great place to go if you want to relax!

Moosehead Lake is huge and we spent a lot of time on our boat exploring several of the many, many beaches.  Seriously, there has to be close to a hundred beaches like this up there.  We had a great time swimming, making sandcastles, finding various critters, and exploring.

There is also a decent size mountain in the middle of the lake, called Mount Kineo.  We decided to hike up, but about halfway up it started raining....hard.  It was like hiking up a small waterfall.  So we headed down.  It was definitely...interesting?  Well at least I learned something.  Check the weather before hiking!

We also went water tubing, saw lots of wildlife and roasted marshmallows (and blueberries. Roasted blueberries aren't very good, in case you were wondering...)  Here are a few other photos from vacation.
We saw 6 moose, but this is the only one we got a
picture of.  Sorry about the quality.  The camera batteries
were almost dead.
There was a mother duck and her babies hanging out all week!
Water tubing!

My daughter, Chloe.
My son, Aidan.
And this is my favorite picture I took this year!

Anyway, I missed blogging, but didn't have anything to blog about.  So that's why I made this post.  Sorry if you didn't want to read it.  Hopefully tomorrow I will be back to blogging about Wizard101.  See you later!

Wyvern's Hoard Booster Pack Giveaway

Hey everyone!  I am back from vacation.  We had a great time.  This is the post for the giveaway this week.  The winner will receive 3 Wyvern's Hoard Packs.

You guys know the rules by now.  Follow my blog, comment on this post and the winner will be chosen around 12pm EST on Friday.  Good luck everyone and thanks for reading!!

Friday, August 19, 2011

The Winner of the $20 Giftcard Is...

Timothy LightTalon!

Congratulations Timothy! The number generator chose number 9.  I will be contacting you on Sunday with the giftcard code.

Thanks everyone for all the nice comments about me and my blog.  It means a lot to me! :)  Look for a new giveaway on Monday!  Thanks for reading!

Monday, August 15, 2011

House-A-Palooza Giveaway!

As most people probably know by now, Wizard101 is having a House-A-Palooza event, with all crown shop housing items and castles up to 50% off.  So in celebration of this event, I have decided to bring back the weekly giveaway a week earlier than I said I would.  And the winner this week will win a castle of their choosing from the crown shop.$20.00 Wizard101 giftcard.

To enter, just follow my blog and comment on this post before Thursday at 10pm EST. That is when I will be closing comments.  One lucky winner will be randomly chosen and announced Friday morning.  Good luck to everyone who decides to enter!  I will be returning to blogging soon.  Vacation is almost over.  See you then and thanks for reading!

**Edit**  I didn't realize that castles couldn't be gifted.  Therefore, I have decided to giveaway a $20.00 giftcard instead, that way the winner can use it for a castle or anything else the want. The winner will still be announced Friday morning, and they will recieve the giftcard code Sunday when I am back from vacation. Sorry for the confusion!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Flying Carrots, Purple Coats and Squijax....OH MY!

Donna Spellthorn
Flying Bunny
What do all these things have in common?  The party at Kestrel Shadowthistle's house, of course! I ported and found an amazing group of people there.  Where else will you find a bunny with fairy wings and lots of randomness?  I'm still not exactly sure what Squijax is, but I am pretty sure that we decided purple was the color that rocks!

 Unfortunately, I wasn't able to stay long, but it was still a lot of fun while it lasted!  Thanks for the great party Kestrel!  A great time was had by all!  See everyone soon! 

Don't Miss Me Too Much!

Thank you to everyone who entered my giveaway.  I have gifted everyone who sent me a true friend code, so if you haven't recieved a dragon's hoard from me, make sure you give me a code.

I am leaving tomorrow and will be gone for 2 weeks. So there probably wont be any new posts during that time.  I do have several posts in progress that I may be able to finish and post while I am away, but it depends on what the internet connection is like.

Anyway, I am very busy getting ready for vacation, so everyone have a great 2 weeks!  Enjoy the test realm and have fun questing.  See you all soon!  And try not to miss me too much! :P

Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Little Taste of Wysteria

I made it to the test realm for a little while, and let me tell you something.  I LOVE WYSTERIA!  It's pretty awesome!  Unfortunately, I am not able to spend too much time there.  That little thing called life keeps calling me to do stuff.  But I did manage to quest a bit, look around and take some cool pictures.  Here is a sneak peek at what I found out.

Pigswick Academy
This is the main area of Wysteria and the rival school.  There is a tournament hall, headmistress office, student dormitory, shops, and 7 schools.

The Schools
There are 7 schools that seem to coincide with the Ravenwood schools.  They are:
  • Earth (Life)
  • Spirit (Death)
  • Chaos (Myth)
  • Tempest (Storm)
  • Frost (Ice)
  • Ember (Fire)
  • Equilibrium (Balance)
I'm not sure if there will be new spells to learn or not.  We shall see.

Prospector Zeke Quest
The new Prospector Zeke quest is to find "The Wallflowers."  There are 4 of them hidden throughout Wysteria.  And notice that Kingsisle kept up with the trend and used another band name.  I will have to update my blog post that can be found here.

Book Quest
There is also a quest to find "books," which is given to you by the librarian. There is either four or five to find total.  And they are called "Pigswick Papers."

Pegasus Place
This is the first area you are sent to battle and quest.  There are Hobgoblins and Wood Gobblins to battle. I will be completely honest with you.  I don't know what the storyline is, because I almost never pay attention to it.  I keep telling myself that I should, but it has yet to happen.
There is an area with tons of pegasuses  pegasi  flying horses. Anyway, the flying horses are pretty cool.  Like I said earlier, I didnt get to quest too much, but I did quest a little.  I got as far as the Crystal Tower.  Isn't it a pretty building?  The boss in the tower was pretty easy.  He had less than 2000 health and his minion had less than 1000.  Sorry, I don't remember the exact amounts, but I killed them both with one critical sandstorm.

Tanglewood Way
I didn't get to do much in this area.  It is closed until you get far enough with your questing.  I did port to  a friend and have a look around though.  It looks cool.  There are 2 types of guys to fight, Barkskin Treants and Green Men.  I saw one boss tower, but there may be more.  I'm not sure.  Anyway, here are some pictures.

And that's all I had time to really see.  But it looks awesome!   I can't wait until it comes out on the live realm and I can quest all the way through.  Have fun!