Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Celestial Observatory Update

Before I went on vacation, I was spending almost all my time on W101 farming for reagents so I can craftt the Celestial Observatory.  I have almost everything I need to complete it.  These are the reagents/items I had to farm for.

  • Acorns 80/80
  • Aether 24/24
  • Black Pearls 28/28
  • Celestian Shields 2/2
  • Diamonds 21/21
  • Fire Blossom 76/80
  • Fish Fins 103/103
  • Golden Pearls 23/23
  • Pearls 118/118
  • Sandstone 15/15
  • Sunstone 26/52
As you can see, I only need 4 more fire blossoms and I still need half of the sunstone.  The sunstone is by far the hardest part of crafting this.  You may be wondering how I got the reagents so quickly.  Well to be honest, I had a lot of them already.  I had probably half the pearls and fire blossoms, and almost all the diamonds, fish fins, and acorns.

I also planted Maelstrom Snapdragons, Fickle Pickle, Evil Magma Peas and King Parsley.  I got a TON of reagents from them, including probably 6-8 sunstone.  I thought I took pictures of my garden before I went on vacation, but I can't find them.  Anyway, all of those plants already reached elder, so I planted more Maelstrom Snapdragons, King Parsley and a couple more Magma Peas.  These seemed to give me the most reagents, including sunstone and fire blossoms.

I did find that the easiest way to get sunstone, and sandstone to transmute into sunstone, is to farm Thunderfin in Stormriven. He is one of the pillar bosses, a storm boss with 9,740 health.  To fight him, activate the last pillar, to the right of the ramp/bridge thingy.

Thunderfin likes you to use small spells, meaning spells that are 3 pips or less. If you use anything bigger, he uses Nova on you.  So I found the quickest way for me to kill him is to hit him with a couple small spells to get his health down a little, and then boost like crazy and hit him with judgement.  This works well and it only take 5 minutes or less per battle.  Here are some pictures from me farming him.

Since I have most of the reagents, I have started crafting some of the items needed to craft the Observatory.  Here is my progress so far.
  • Unstoppable 5/5
  • Perfect Onyx 5/5
  • Pristine Vial 3/3
  • Crystal Streetlamp 0/7
  • Celestian Shield 2/2
  • Celestian Sconce 3/4
  • Star Chalice 0/8
  • Celestail Tree Sprig 3/3
So my goal it so have all of the reagents by the end of the month.  The crafting shouldn't be too bad once I have everything.  It's just the waiting for the slots to cool down at that point.  Wow, I just realized how long this post is, so I will end it here.

Thanks for reading!  See you around the spiral!