Thursday, August 25, 2011

My Judgement Pet

I got my judgement pet a few weeks ago.  I finally got some mega snacks and trained her.....all the way to epic. Wow, training pets takes a long time! But using mega snacks definitely makes it a little easier.  I have only ever trained one other pet to epic before (on the live realm), so this was an accomplishment for me.  Anyway, here are her talents.

Pip o'plenty, add balance (6%), unbalancer (8%), and may cast weakness.  Not too bad, but I wish she had gotten spritely instead of pip o'plenty. She also gives the Mighty Judgement card, which does 440 damage and dispels 2 spells.  Here she is casting one of her spells.

Next I think I will train my Wyvern on my ice character, so watch for that post coming up, probably next month.  And speaking of Wyverns, don't forget to enter my Wyvern's Hoard Giveaway.  It ends tomorrow.  The post can be found here.  Thanks for reading! See you next time!


Nicholas Rainbowgem said...

Awesome! :D
I don't have an epic pet yet, but I am working on my forest lord (adult).

TimothyLighttalon said...

Nice! You've probably already noticed my Epic pet Scarecrow. I am trying to hatch it with some really good pets like my Sea Dragon to get some better talents like Spell-Proof