Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My New Wizard101 Toys Part 2

For those who may not know, when Kingsisle released Wysteria, they also released many other things as well.  One of these is a new booster pack called Wyvern's Hoard Pack.  This is kind of like the Dragon's Hoard pack, but with different items. It costs 399 crowns.

Gold Wyvern
Sparky shooting sparks
Of course when I saw it, I had to try for the new wyvern mount, which comes in 5 colors.  I got lucky. I got a gold wyvern mount pretty quickly, after 5 or 6 tries.  I named him Sparky and keep him near the water so he doesn't catch my house on fire.

Me and Sparky
 After I got my wyvern mount, I noticed I had gotten a pair of 1 day blue fairy wings.  I decided I wanted to try for permanent ones for my ice character.  I didn't get any permanent wings, but I did get some pretty cool housing items. A chicken coop, a well, a couple teleporters and a whole lot of trees. Here is my "farm" area I made in my island getaway house.
The farm I made at my house with a chicken coop and well from
Wyvern's Hoard Packs
Cyan Teleporter
I also noticed something cool you can do with the teleporters.  You can make them go between houses.  I put one in my Watchtower Hall and made it go to my Island Getaway. I want to craft more now to make them go between all my houses.  Here's how you do it:
  1. Go to the house you want to teleport to and make sure the teleporter is in your backpack.
  2. Select the teleporter and click the area you want to port to.
  3. Go to the house you want to put the teleporter at.
  4. Select it and place it where you want it.

Me using my teleporter to go from Watchtower Hall to Island Getaway
Well I think that's all for today.  Thanks for reading and don't forget to enter my giveaway for 3 Wyvern's Hoard Packs!  See ya!


TimothyLighttalon said...

Awesome! Great stuff! :)

Albert said...

Cool Thanks

Nicholas Rainbowgem said...

Cool! I also have a wyvern but it is the midnight version.

Anonymous said...

Wyverns! They are absolutely the most coolest addition to W101 I have seen so far. :)