Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wizard City Homes and Gardens: The Great Humongo-Baby Search

A few weeks ago, someone ported to my house and informed me that there was fish under the platform with the World Door.  I thought it would be kind of cool if there was, but I didn't know how to do the whole rug glitching thing, so I forgot about it.  Until yesterday that is.

Is it possible that there is something hiding under there?
I was hanging out, trying to think of something to do, other than farming, and all of a sudden I remembered about the long lost fish.  I decided to try to rescue them, but I needed help.  My friend Scot Soulhammer was on, and he is great at the glitching thing.  So I asked him to show me how.  Scot had me port to his house and he gave me a quick overview of glitching.  At first I was like "Wha........?"  But I went and bought the items I needed at the Bazaar and then ported to my house.

"It looks like a construction site."
 -Sean Redhammer
I had Scot port so he could guide me, and my friend Sean Redhammer of That Crazy Thaumaturge tagged along.  So the first few tries didn't go too well.  And apparently watching me fail was very entertaining.  Hey what can I say?  I aim to please.  :)

Finally, after about 10 tries, I managed to complete the path.  And here is what we found......
Me and them
To me, these look more like giant tadpoles than they do fish.  So I decided that they must be Humongofrog babies.  Hence the name Humongo-Babies.  Anyway, I thought this was a pretty cool thing Kingsisle put here.  I wonder if there is anything like this in any of the other houses.  Let me know if you have found anything.

I will try to do a post on rug glitching after my vacation.  I need to try to get better at it first.  It was fun to learn something new though.  Thanks for reading and happy questing!