Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Meet Autumn Winterbreeze!

I realized that I never actually introduced either of my 2 wizards.  And since this month I am working on my ice wizard, I figured I would introduce her first.  As you probably figured out already, her name is Autumn Winterbreeze. This is the third wizard I made (the second was a life one I no longer have).

I haven't done too much with this character, other than questing.  She is finished every world, except Celestia.  In Celestia she has progressed as far as the Science Center.  I have completed all of the crafting quests on this character and got the Grandmaster Artisan badge, but I haven't done PVP or Pet Derby yet.  And only a little bit of gardening.  As of this post, she is only a Neophyte Gardener (level 2).

Anyway, here is an overview of her stats.
As you can see, I really need to craft and farm for better gear.  That is going to be my goal when I am finished questing.

You also may have noticed that I have 8 training points left.  I haven't decided if I should save them for possible future spells or spend them on getting the life spells through Satyr.  This is what I have gotten for spells so far.

Death - All spells until feint and infection.
Balance - Elemental shields, elemental traps, and reshuffle.
Star - Fortify, amplify, and vengeance
Sun - Strong, giant, monstrous and gargantuan.

I do have a life mastery amulet that I switch between my 2 characters, I just havent decided if I should use my training points or keep buying treasure cards.  Any input on this is appreciated. :)

Other than that, I have 2 pets I switch between on this character, my starfish and my wyvern.  I am currently working on leveling my wyvern, and when that is done I may work on getting my starfish to epic as well.  Here are my pets' current stats.

Well that's all for today.  I may do a post like this in the future for my main character, Autumn Dreamwalker, as well.  Thanks for reading, and don't forget to enter my giveaway for 2 teleporters!  See you!


Edward Lifegem said...

Hey Autumn Winterbreeze! Glad to meet you even though I have you on my list since you first made this character :) LOL

Anonymous said...

Hi, Autumn!

Sorry, I wrote a book. ;)

The Life amulet. It depends on what you intend to do. You would appear to be either the defense/healer of the group if there's no Life wiz around or just the secondary support for healer.

Better Gear. Understandably Ice wizards naturally have the highest resistance out of the 7 schools. So I recommend you forge your gear search around this idea. Whether you craft your own or buy your Ice gear will have a higher than most resistance. The Bazaar has a decent lvl 58's gear. If you want to craft lvl 55 gear then I suggest going to CL (Grotto, Science Center, & StormRiven). Then go to WT areas for lvl 60's gear (Vestrilund & Sudrilund).

Mark StormRider
Lvl 60 (x7)
GM Artisan (x5)
GM Gardener (x7)

Autumn DreamWalker said...

LOL! Nice to meet you too Edward Lifegem! :P

And thanks for the advice mark :)