Thursday, September 1, 2011

September W101 Goals

Hey fellow wizards!  Today is September 1st, which means it's almost time for autumn (not me, the season).  It's my favorite time of year, hence the wizarding name Autumn.

Anyway, I saw an idea on Diana Wildheart's blog, Guardian Theurgist's Journal, which I have decided to use, with her permission.  At the beginning of each month I am going to post some goals of things I want to accomplish in W101.  I figure this should keep me from getting bored and wondering what to do.

I have decided that during the month of September I am going to spend time working on my ice wizard, Autumn Winterbreeze.  These are the things I hope to have done by September 30th.

  1. Complete Celestia main and side quests.  I am currently in the Scienece Center, but I have some sides I have to go back and finish.
  2. Complete Wysteria main and side quests.
  3. Complete Tower of Helephant.
  4. Complete Warehouse.
  5. Complete Waterworks.
  6. Train Wyvern pet to epic.
  7. Start gardening and work towards grandmaster gardener.
I figure these things will keep me pretty busy, but I have a couple other things I would like to do, if I have time.
  1. Farm for level 60 gear in Waterworks.
  2. Work on getting badges.
  3. Craft furniture for my Celestial Observatory.
So as you can see, I should be spending most of my time on my ice character.  If you don't have me added on there, you may not see me too much.  If you do have me added and hear me say I am bored, just send me a link to this post :P  See you next time and have fun!


TimothyLighttalon said...

Great list! I'm sure you'll get these accomplished by the end of the month and you know I'm always here if you need any help with some of these things ;)

Diverrick said...

that is allot of stuff to do in just one month :P feel free to call on me also if you ever need help :)