Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Holiday contest winners announced!

Hey everyone!  I have decided to announce the contest results a little early, so that the winners have more time to be contacted. 

There were a lot of really great entries.  It was really hard to decide on the three winners, but they are as follows.

Third place (Happy Holidaisy seed) goes to Justin Shadowblade!
Second place (Yuletide Spirit pet) goes to Vanessa Emeraldglade!
First place (Chrismoose Mount) goes to James Legendblossom!

To the winners: Congratulations and look for an email from me shortly with instructions on how to claim your prizes.

I will be making a separate post tomorrow with the winner's entries.

Thanks to everyone who entered!  You all made choosing a winner a really tough choice.  Look for more contests in the future.  And to everyone, thanks for reading!  See you tomorrow with the post showing the winning entries! :)