Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Holiday Contest Winning Entries

As I promised, I am posting the winning entries for the Holiday contest I held last week.  For those who may have missed it, the contest was to create a "Holiday Pack" with at least 7 original holiday/wintery items. I recieved many great entries, but these were the top three.

The 3rd place winner was Justin Shadowblade.  Here is his pack:

Super Ultra Rare - Santa's Sleigh (2 Passenger| Able to equip any horse)
Ultra Rare - Polar Bear
Rare - Red Candy Cane
Rare - Green Candy Cane
Rare - Mixed Candy Cane
Rare - Blue Candy Cane
Rare - Pink Candy Cane
Rare - Yellow Candy Cane
Rare - 7 Day Snow Ram
Rare -  7 Day Tawny Ram
Rare - 7 Day Bruin Ram

Elf Attire:
Super Rare - Pointy Ears
Rare - Hat
Rare - Robe
Rare - Boots
Normal - Mint Staff
Normal - Sweet Staff
Normal - Star Staff
Normal - Nutcracker Wand

Rare - Yuletide Spirit
Rare - Arctic Cat
Rare - Blizzard Cat
Rare - Glacier Cat
Rare - Evil Snowman
Rare - Christmas Elf

Housing Items:
Super Ultra Mega Rare - Santa's Work Shop (House)
Super Ultra Rare - Ice House
Rare - Red and Green Teleporters
Rare - Santa Statue
Rare - Elf Statue
Normal - North Pole

Reagents, Plants and Pet Snacks:
Normal - Diamond
Normal - Frost Flower
Normal - Sapphire
Normal - Perfect Sapphire
Normal - Evil Snow Pea
Normal - Frozen Fly Trap
Normal - Ice Cream
Normal - Yogurt
Rare - Huge Ice Cream
Rare - Fancy Yogurt

The 2nd place winner was Vanessa Emeraldglade.  Here is Vanessa's Pack:

Holiday Forest (Rare)
The Holiday Forest is like the bamboo grove- but with fir trees with bright lights hanging on them, giving a sort of Christmas tree store

Customized Holiday Frame (Uncommon)This is another housing item, like the newer ones Kingsisle came out, customizable frames and signs. This will have mistletoe around the area with the writing (The frame) and can only write out holiday phrases
"Happy Holidays"
"Merry Christmas"
"Happy Hanukkah"

Holiday Firecat (Ultra-rare)Holiday Firecat- You may see some pictures of cats and dogs in santa hats, well now you can get a fire cat pet with a nice little santa outfit. This pet has a 55 pedigree and gives one ice cat card

Polar Bear (Ultra-rare)The Holiday polar bear, once more another SANTA HAT! This polar bear will increase your speed by 40% and runs the same way that the lion, lioness and bengal tiger run. The Holiday Polar Bear wears one Santa top hat along with a jingle bell saddle.

Elf Hat (Ultra-rare)The Elf hat is, well, an elf hat. This hat is only available from the Holiday Pack and has no stats. The elf hat is shaped like the girls jesters hat, but the top is red and the trim at the bottom is green with jingle bells. (Cannot be dyed)

Elf Outfit (Ultra-rare)The Elf outfit is the robe piece that goes to elf hat and shoes. This robe is similar to the pirate garb from marlybone with an even amount of green and red. For the straps seen on the pirate garb will have jingle bells on them and mistletoe hanging in a top pocket

Elf Shoes (Ultra-rare)The Elf Shoes are the final piece of the Elf Outfit. the tip of the shoes have curls and gray leggings like the ones with the "Ruby Slippers" you get in unicorn way. Once again it will be green and red and non dyable.

And the 1st place winner was James Legendblosson.  Here is the pack he created:

Pets: a present box jumping around with sparkles it gives a tower shield spell and when it casts a spell like "spritely" it starts to dance and a jester comes out (like jack in the box).

Mounts: A red sleigh flying as high as the hawk mount and allowing two people to be on board like the rhino mount.

Housing Items: An oven with gingerbread people inside, A type of Christmas wallpaper aloud to cover up your castle walls, (example, You see a mfp massive fantasy palace and then you click on a red green castlepaper and the castle becomes red and green :P)

Pet Snacks: Jolly Juice a juice box with snowflake on it and it gives +10, Christmas Cookies, chocolate cookies with sprinkles and it gives +15.

Plants: Jolly Fireplace, it grows into a fireplace with socks attached an fire and its rewards are a few mega snacks and treasures such as immolate, disarm, tower shield, satyr, smoke screen,and pixie.

Gear: The Giving Tree Set: (level 50 gear as example) Hat: Cap of the winterbreeze, gives 5% accuracy, 10% resist 20% critical 15% damage and a satyr spell. Robe: Santa's Helper Robe of Cheer, gives 5% pips, 10% critical block, 10% damage, 5% resist with a Gargantuan spell. Shoes: Shoes of the Frost: 5% accuracy, 4% resist and 10% critical with a tower shield spell. The gear looks a lot like the santas outfit in shopping district but it has MOSTLY green, white and gold colors and they can dye.

Wands: The lollipop wand but mixed with the colors of pink and red and it gives (level 50 stats) 5 wand hits called Wishingdrops that hit 110 ice damage, 10% block 5% critical

Thanks again to everyone who entered and congratulations to the winners!  Look for more contests and give aways in the future!  Since I am going to be incredibly busy over the next week or so, I will see everyone next year :)  Have a great and safe holiday!  See you soon!