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Monday, February 27, 2012

Winter Dorm Contest Winners

Happy Monday Wizards! :)  I hope everyone had a great weekend!  It's time for me to announce the winners for the Winter Dorm Decorating contest.  That's right, I said winners.  The entries were so great and it was so hard to choose, I decided last night to award 3 $10.00 W101 giftcards to 3 people!

Each entry I chose has several things I was looking for.  First, they followed all the contest requirements (winter themed, brief description, etc).  All of these entries also contained creativity and great use of glitching. I also really loved the stories/decriptions that go along with them!

So here we go!  The winners, in no particular order, are as follows.

Scot Soulhammer - This was a trading post, abandoned after it was frozen solid by the ravens. At the moment, it is being ransacked by a boar.

Sierra Mist - My dorm portrays a child's backyard during the winter holidays. As you can see, trees are covered with snow and the child has built 2 snowmen holding gifts in their hands. Some of the child's pets are roaming about in the cold snow. The snow is thick, so the family car's wheels are covered with snow. Also there is a hopscotch mat and a shovel to dig through the snow with!

Paige Moonshade - Let me take you to a lodge cabin where a young man has been snowed in. You can see the ice and snow slowly coming in through the windows and he makes himself something to eat. He loves to sit and drink tea while reading a good book. He hopes that the snow will let up soon so he can go back home from the mountains.

So those are the three winning entries.  Congratulations to you all!  You can look for your codes later today (around noon eastern). I will send them to the email addresses you entered the contest with.

Thanks to everyone who entered.  All the entries really were awesome.  I will be making a separate post tomorrow with the other entries.  Also, look for more contests and giveaways in the future!  Have a wonderful day everyone! See you!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Autumn Dreamwalker Version 2.0

Hello wizards! 

I joined several of my fellow bloggers and created an account on the UK server.  Her name is Autumn Dreamwalker and she is balance, just like my first wizard on the US server.  I don't have a membership or crowns on there yet, so I can't quest very far, but I am hoping to get some soon.

Anyway, AD2 is currently level 7 and just starting Triton Avenue.  I love questing on the UK server.  It is a lot quieter and a lot of the people on there are so nice! :)  Plus, something about it makes me feel like a new player all over again.

Anyway, here are some pictures of me questing in Unicorn Way and starting Triton Ave.
Getting my very first quest.....To Unicorm Way!
Autumn Dreamwalker, Level 2 Apprentice Sorcerer
Attacking with thunder snake.
Scarab, the very first balance spell you get. And Edward Lifegem!
Fighting Rattlebones....Um, actually, being attacked by Rattlebones
Healing myself
Being attacked by thunder snake.
I think this is in Lady Blackhope's Tower
Lady Blackhope dying....Well, idk. Can a ghost actually die?
Summoning Judgement so I can learn Precision
Starting Triton Ave.
So anyway, those are my adventures so far on Wizard101 UK.  Along the way, I got to meet and add a few friends, mostly people I know from the US server, but also some awesome UK wizards as well.  One of my favorite things about the game is definitely the friends I get to meet on there!

Anyway, thanks for reading.  See everyone next time!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Winter Dorm Contest Reminder

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to post a reminder about the contest I have going on.  Entries need to be in by the end of the day Sunday.  That means 3 more days to decorate your dorms in a winter theme and email the pictures to me.  One lucky winner will recieve a $10.00 Wizard101 giftcard.  The contest details can be found at this link.  Good luck!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Krokotopia Beetles

This time Prospector Zeke is looking for some beetles.  Here are their locations.

The Oasis - There are 2 beetles here.  The first one is to the right of the library.  The second is behind the building where the robe and deck shops are.

Alter of Kings - Go down the stairs on the left, past the entrance to the Chamber of Fire.  The beetle is at the botton of the second flight of stairs.

Chamber of Fire - Go into the excavation site area and go up 4 ramps.  The beetle is off to the right.

Krokosphinx - Go around the left side of the sphinx and up the ramp.

Entrance Hall - Across from the entrance to the Vault of Ice, towards the right.

Emperor's Retreat - On the far side of the frozen lake, on the wooden platform in front of the building.

Tomb of Storms - The beetle is located behind the Sphinx head.

Well of Spirits - At the back of the room, behind the Krok statue, up on the ledge.

Karanahn Barracks - Inside the furthest building.

I think that's all of them.  I hope this helps!  And thanks for reading!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Stray Cat Strut

Here is another guide to one of Prospector Zeke's quests.  This time he wants us to find some stray cats.  There are 10 of them hidden around Marleybone.

Regent's Square - The cat is to the right of Scotland Yard.

 Digmoore Station - To the left, right when you walk in.

 Hyde Park - Go around the outside of the pavilion area, to the left.

 Chelsea Court - Near the levers by the Clocktower.

 The Ironworks - Go straight through the room where you fight the last boss and the cat is right there on the right.

Scotland Yard Roof - Go down the stairs and over the ramp that goes between the buildings and the cat is off to the right.

 Newgate Prison - Right when you exit Meowiarty's cell, go to the left and around the pile of stone and wood..

 Knight's Court - When you get to Knight's Tower, go off to the right side and you will see the cat.

Katzenstein's Lab - When you get to the area where you fight Katzenstein, go down the ramp and up the smaller ramp on the right.  The cat is on the stone platform.

 Big Ben - No map for this one, but the cat is in the room with the health and mana wisps.  There are 3 crates off the the left and the cat is behind them.

So those are all the locations for the Stray Cats.  I hope this helps those of you that may be stuck finding them.  Good luck and have fun! :)