Saturday, February 25, 2012

Autumn Dreamwalker Version 2.0

Hello wizards! 

I joined several of my fellow bloggers and created an account on the UK server.  Her name is Autumn Dreamwalker and she is balance, just like my first wizard on the US server.  I don't have a membership or crowns on there yet, so I can't quest very far, but I am hoping to get some soon.

Anyway, AD2 is currently level 7 and just starting Triton Avenue.  I love questing on the UK server.  It is a lot quieter and a lot of the people on there are so nice! :)  Plus, something about it makes me feel like a new player all over again.

Anyway, here are some pictures of me questing in Unicorn Way and starting Triton Ave.
Getting my very first quest.....To Unicorm Way!
Autumn Dreamwalker, Level 2 Apprentice Sorcerer
Attacking with thunder snake.
Scarab, the very first balance spell you get. And Edward Lifegem!
Fighting Rattlebones....Um, actually, being attacked by Rattlebones
Healing myself
Being attacked by thunder snake.
I think this is in Lady Blackhope's Tower
Lady Blackhope dying....Well, idk. Can a ghost actually die?
Summoning Judgement so I can learn Precision
Starting Triton Ave.
So anyway, those are my adventures so far on Wizard101 UK.  Along the way, I got to meet and add a few friends, mostly people I know from the US server, but also some awesome UK wizards as well.  One of my favorite things about the game is definitely the friends I get to meet on there!

Anyway, thanks for reading.  See everyone next time!


Ernis said...

You'll enjoy our server as well. :D
Greetings from Antonio. ;)