Friday, February 10, 2012

Autumn Lifesong Finishes Celestia!

Another February goal completed.  My life wizard is finally done with Celestia, after months of procrastinating.  I have to admit, there were many times while questing in this world that I got really frustrated.  For example, when I had to fight 26 enemies (13 fights) to get 3 collects in District of the Stars.  Celestia has WAY too many collect quests.

Anyway, even though I didn't think I would, I finally made it all the way through.  And she is 24,000 xp away from level 70!  So that's 3 characters that are ready to start Zafaria.  Here are some pictures of my adventures through Celestia.

A very angry Forest Lord.
Critical......Centaur, I think.
Lucky (my Satyr) healing me
This is one of my favorite healing spells.
Calypso did not stand a chance against Gnomes - 24,124!
Getting attacked by Orthrus
Gnomes again.  I love using this spell against bosses!
Kraken attacking me
Mithraya using a wand hit.
And Gnomes finishes the job for me...This was the final hit I made in this world!
Even though I did solo most of this world, I did have some help on some bosses.  So thanks to Edward Lifegem, Scot Soulhammer and Sean Redhammer.  You guys are the best!  Oh, and Autumn Lifesong would also like to thank Autumn Dreamwalker for helping in The Chancel. :)

As always, thanks for reading!  Happy questing! :)