Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Krokotopia Beetles

This time Prospector Zeke is looking for some beetles.  Here are their locations.

The Oasis - There are 2 beetles here.  The first one is to the right of the library.  The second is behind the building where the robe and deck shops are.

Alter of Kings - Go down the stairs on the left, past the entrance to the Chamber of Fire.  The beetle is at the botton of the second flight of stairs.

Chamber of Fire - Go into the excavation site area and go up 4 ramps.  The beetle is off to the right.

Krokosphinx - Go around the left side of the sphinx and up the ramp.

Entrance Hall - Across from the entrance to the Vault of Ice, towards the right.

Emperor's Retreat - On the far side of the frozen lake, on the wooden platform in front of the building.

Tomb of Storms - The beetle is located behind the Sphinx head.

Well of Spirits - At the back of the room, behind the Krok statue, up on the ledge.

Karanahn Barracks - Inside the furthest building.

I think that's all of them.  I hope this helps!  And thanks for reading!


Andrei D.haxor said...

It did help, thanks!


Hehehe nice

Jennifer Albright said...

Can anyone tell me why the beetle in tomb of storms is glitching? I have located it but it won't give me credit. It's the last one I need please help.

Autumn DreamWalker said...

If you are having an issue with a quest in game you can contact Wizard101 customer service at Good luck! :)

Umbry Gaming said...

Helped a lot! Thank!!!