Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Oysters in Mooshu

Hey everyone!  This post is a continuation of the guides I have been making for Prospector Zeke's quests.  I am hoping to have the rest of them up in the next couple weeks.

Anyway, for this quest, Zeke wants us to find these blue oysters.  There are 10 to find, all scattered throughout Mooshu.  Here are the locations.

Jade Palace - There are 2 oysters hiding here.  First, go to the left, toward Shoshun Village.  The oyster is on the island, under the red tree.  Next go over by the entrance to Yoshihito Temple.  This oyster is off the the left under the cherry blossom tree.

Hametsu Village - Go into the village (the area with the buldings) and go right, past Jo Feng.  The oyster is in the corner where the wall and the building meet.

Tatakai Outpost - Go around the left side of the building where Maito is and the oyster is behind the well.

Shoshun Village - This oyster is behind the first house on the left.

Kishibe Village - Go up on the hill where Mossback is and the oyster is behind the well.

Shirataki Temple - To the right of the entrance where you fight the Oni.

Yoshihito Temple - This oyster is located on the lower level, on the back side of the temple, in between the 2 statues.

Village of Sorrow - This oyster is to the right of the Town Dojo, straight ahead when you enter the village.

Tree of Life - Go through to the inside area and around to the back and the oyster is against the wall.

So those are the locations of all the oysters.  I hope this helps those of you that need to find them.  See you next time!


Sheila and Elizabeth said...

I don't see the tree of life oyster...

Unknown said...

its actually in the inner wall that surrounds the tree

Unknown said...

??? What is a "town dojo"???

Autumn DreamWalker said...

The name of the building where you go to fight Usunoki.

Unknown said...

Thanks so much this has helped a lot.