Saturday, June 23, 2012

2nd Place Winner - Edward Lifegem

Here is the 2nd place entry from my contest. It was sent in by the one and only FAMOUS Edward Lifegem!

Hey AD! Thanks for having this contest :) First off, good luck everyone! If I win and its posted on your blog, congrats to all of the winners :) Anyways... Here is the world that I would love to be added.
Lets start off with the questing! Dworgyn the death teacher will send you to a place you didn't think you would go again.. Dragonsypre. Once you get there, you have to find Malistaire! He was dead to begin with, he is death :) When you find him you see a Frankenstein get in the way and pull you in a battle and you have to fight him before talking to Malistaire. This boss has 15,000 health. He can cast all of the death spells. He starts out with 5 power pips when you join the battle. If you are lucky, you can win mega snacks, a bone dragon mount (you can only win once), you can even win a Shardtail Dragon! After you defeat this boss, you finally talk to Malistaire and he gives you the quest called "The Scary World"

After you get this quest you are now ready to go to... drum roll... EL SINISTER . When getting to the world you will notice that you have to talk to a scarecrow. He tells you as soon as you get there that you have to defeat 2 things to get a key to the main entry of the world. You have to defeat 1 Skeletal pirate and 1 skeletal dragon. Its a collect quest, it takes awhile to finally collect the quest....
This world is going to be focused more on the Death School. Its going to be a death world. This world has Skeletal Pirates - 2000 health, Ghouls- 2500, and Skeletal Dragons- 5,000 health. They can all cast Frankenstein, Skeletal Dragon, Scarecrow and feints. They start out with 4 power pips. The Skeletal Pirates are at the beginning of the world and the Skeletal Dragons are at the end.

After you collect the quest you talk to the Scarecrow again (before you didn't notice his name, you realize its Jack!) He tells you what's going on and why he is here early before Halloween. There was a sinister plague put on the world by a enemy worse than Malistaire and Morganthe. I'm not going to tell you who this is. It might cancel me out of the contest. I might put it on my blog one day :) Anyways.... This plague made the remaining death wizards turn into all of the Skeletal Pirates, Skeletal Dragons and Frankensteins. The teachers turned into the Scarecrows and they help guide you through to rescue the students and turn them back into wizards.

-This world is only for Wizards level 78 or higher.
-The last boss has 50,000 health. He may cast a new spell (the next high level death spell)
-There are other enemies that you would never expect to be bad.

Once you are done completing the first quest you have access to the rest of the world... There are 2 areas. One is called Pirate Way (Unicorn way was the first area of Wizard City) this area is going to be difficult. You may be defeated a few times, doesn't matter which school you are.. This area will not be easy for any wizard accessing the world. The second area of this world is the worse area in the game, you better get a lot of heals and try to get as much resist as you can. Skeletals Lone is very difficult. Once you complete this area you get to go to the last dungeon. The last dungeon gives the level 90 clothing, only one wizard every month can get a sheep drop. (I love the sheep pet! I had to add this :) )
Once you are done with this world you will get a badge that is very different from any other badge you have recieved. Sinsiters Champion. Yes, this is level 90 badge, on this world..

This is another awesome entry! I really like the details Edward gave about all the enemies you have to fight, and the storyline. It really does seem like something Kingsisle might put in the game. I also love the idea of the bone dragon mount and the sheep pet being dropped! I absolutely adore the sheep pet and have wanted one for over a year now! Now all we need is for Edward to make that blog post about the enemy that's worse than Malistaire and Morganthe! Please?!?!?!? :) Congrats again on winning Edward! I really did like your entry a lot!

The last entry I am going to post is loooooooooong, so it may not be up until tomorrow morning. Make sure you watch for it!