Saturday, June 23, 2012

3rd Place Winner - Kelsey Fireheart

Hey everyone! As promised I am posting the winning entries from my contest.  Here is the 3rd place entry, sent in by Kelsey Fireheart.

Islandia - The World of Islands

It's a world filled with islands in the middle of a huge ocean. You have to cross makeshift wood bridges or floating docks to get to other islands. It's full of jungle and huge ruins that is made from red desert blocks. It's a world filled with unknown beings that you have to fight to survive to find the secret answers in defeating Morganthe. There's a fable of special weapon you can use, but it's hidden on one of those islands. We don't know where. So we have to track down broken stories and information in order to find it. Some fights do not take place on the land, but on the water. We have to craft a boat and row to certain ships that are anchored in the sea where we will have fights on the deck or belowdeck. And sometimes we have to ride a boat to get to an far off island that is not accessible by wood bridges or anything else. Sometimes we even have to fight underwater monsters in underwater caves because clues are there for us to get.

The enemies could be for instance monkeys that is very hard to defeat since they're very flexible and cagey, giants who aren't that bright but strong and huge shaggy wolves in different kinds of colors and ostriches that love to spit. We could also see the storm cats from Avalon, but all black to blend into the jungle with a bit of green perhaps. For underwater, we could fight with tritons and possibly have a huge boss fight with a Triton King.

Pets could be a colorful parrot or parakeet, white cockatoo, perhaps even a small monkey, black panther and shark as well. Mounts could be an Elephant mount that could seat four people. Also a two-seater rhino mount that can plow through the jungle. Also why not a Llama mount. They're very pretty and can carry you nicely through the jungle. Also a Dolphin mount would fit here since there's a lot of water here. There's a lot of shallow water paths that the Dolphin can get through quite easily.

Gear would be waterproof, very sleek and sharp but tough. Nothing too loose and heavy. This way we can swim in it, but can fight at the same time. Maybe khaki shirt and capris or pants that would be light enough to swim in and would dry out easily. Our wand could be a big slashing sword that we can use to cut through the jungle or a long whip that would whip at your enemies at a distance. A hat is a must, so maybe an Indiana Jones type of hat would be cool.

Awesome entry Kelsey!  The idea of crafting a boat and using it in questing is awesome.  I also love, love, LOVE the monkey pet and dolphin mount ideas!  I hope Kingsisle uses some of those ideas in the future!  Congrats again and thanks for entering! :)