Friday, October 19, 2012

PvP = Pirate vs. Pirate?

Ahoy mateys!

Okay, now that I have exhausted my Pirate vocabulary, I would like to talk a little bit about something that I don't know very much about....PvP.  This should be fun :)

As of right now, Pirate101 does not have any type of PvP system in place.  But as the Pirate101 Community Manager (aka The Friendly Necromancer) stated in this interview, many of the same features that are found in Wizard101 will be added to Pirate101 at a later date.  He specifically mentioned the Bazaar, but I am wondering if they will be adding PvP as well.

Now I'm not a huge fan of PvP in Wizard101, but I have to admit, Pirate PvP sounds so much cooler! It would be interesting to see how companions would factor in to a Pirate PvP match. Not to mention that guns and swords would be included, instead of just throwing a bunch of spells around. Here are some things to think about that would make Pirate PvP different than Wizard PvP:

  • How would companions be selected, if they are able to be used at all?
  • Would multi-player combat be allowed, or just 1v1?
  • Would pets always be included in a fight, or would the pet-joining still be by chance? Would this give one side an unfair advantage?
  • Strategy: P101 combat does have more strategy than luck. I wonder if the strategy would change much between PvP and PvE play.
This brings me to my final point on Pirate PvP.  I would love to see ship PvP (SvS?).  I think that this would add a whole new aspect to PvP that may attract people who haven't been too fond of it in the past. Ship are a huge part of Pirate101, and it would be a fun way to integrate them even more.  Image the possibilities? Outfitting your ship and your character for PvP matches. Switching from a ship match to being boarded by the other player and having to switch to your hand to hand combat strategy. 

If this is ever added in the future, I may have to consider giving PvP a second chance!  What do you think? Would you prefer Pirate101 PvP to Wizard101? What are your thoughts on Ship Pvp?  Comment below and let me know!

And now that I have possibly used "PvP" more times than anyone else in one blog post (is there an award for that?), I think I will end it here.  Thanks for reading and have fun questing!


Unknown said...

Wow! Nice post!

merlin said...

Great post!
I believe that J Todd said that PvP would have the epic flag where you get to choose which companions join you. This is to even the odds between those who leveled all their companions all the way, and those who have an average crew with several favorites and the rest lagging behind a bit. I'm not sure if that post survived through the wipe but you might be able to find it.
Also, I love your header!