Thursday, November 1, 2012

Pirate Booty Contest Winner

Hey everyone!

Sorry about delaying the announcement of the contest winner. It was all Sandy's fault! Well Sandy and my internet company :P  Anyway, I am here to announce the winner now.....and it is.......Brave Sam Laveer aka Alric Ravensinger! Congratulations! I will be emailing your code soon, to the email you used to enter the contest.

Here is Sam/Alric's entry:

Isle de Drake pack

Theme: Draocnian (DS)

"In the legends of old told of a legendary Isle de Drake, an island, with a vast treasure hoard collected by the warlike Draconians. After the last war....when the Dragon Titan destroyed Dragonspyre all traces of it vanished....until now. Are you ready to collect the hoard?"

Epic items:
Draconian Guardian Companion (Witchdoctor)
Kyanite Crystalmancer Companion (Swashbuckler)
Drake War Ship (Galleon)
Lava Lizard pet

Ultra rare:
(Various ship parts all DS themed)
Soul Servant pet
Courrpted Weaver pet
Crystal Ship (Frigate)
Drake Mount
Dragon Wings (same as W101)
Spear of the Dragon (Stabby/Slashy weapon)
Kyanite Mace (Smashy weapon)
Mercenaries Buckler (Slashy/Smashy weapon)
Sky Squid's Crossbow (Shooty weapon)
Crystal Staff (Staff weapon)
Soul Servant's Grasp (Staff weapon)

rare items:
(Various ship parts all DS themed)
(Various housing items including an interactive Dragon's gold hoard works like Genie lamp and Gorilla in W101, only used once a day etc)
Magma Sky Snake pet
Ebon Spectre pet
Crystal Weaver pet
Drake Scale set (Melee)
- Helm of the Dragonrider
- Breastplate of the Inferno
- Boots of Conquest
Necromantic set (Magic)
- Soul-steel Helm
- Garb of the Eternal Night
- Raventalon Boots

All of the entries were great, but I only had one code to give out this time.  Watch for more contests in the future though!  Thanks for reading and see you next time! :)