Thursday, January 24, 2013

Gold Rush Event!

Ahoy me hearties!

D'ye need a new ship? Or d'ye be wantin' a place fer keepin' yer loot?  All these thin's be costin' lots o' gold!

Okay, that's the extent of my pirate talk for now.  What I am trying to say is that pirates need lots and lots of gold! And this event is the perfect opportunity to get some.  Even if you don't think you need gold right now, come on out anyway and have some fun and meet new people!

Here's the plan.  We will meet up in Avery's Court like last time, and then port to Friar Sand in Mooshu.  He drops some pretty great gear and the Ebon Spectre pet, not to mention TONS of gold!  I figure we can go farm in groups of 3 and 4.  Even lower levels shouldn't have a problem fighting this guy with the help of higher level pirates!

Here are the specific details:

Date & time:  Monday, January 28 @ 6:30pm EST
Where:  Avery's Court to add me, then port to Friar Sand
Realm:  One-Eyed Jack
Who: Autumn Walker, lvl 50 witchdoctor

So bring some friends, or come by yourself and look for me. I will add you all and we will go have some fun!  Hope to see you there!


Unknown said...

is ed going to be going