Friday, January 25, 2013

Gold Rush Preview


Three days until the Gold Rush Event! If you haven't heard about it yet, you can see the post here: Gold Rush Event.

I have been farming Friar Sand (the guy we will farm at the event) for a few days now, trying to get gold to train up all my companions.  He is fairly easy to fight, and the battles go pretty quickly, because you only have to defeat him, not his minions.  I have gotten so much gold (around 600k total) as well as some other cool drops.

This is how much gold I got from one battle with 2 people.
You get even more in battle with 3 or 4 people!
My new medallion
New robe
A new pet ; Ebon Spectre
So yeah, I think I got some pretty cool things.  He also drops some housing items and lots of other gear.  A lot of the gear is class specific, but some of it isn't, like the medallion above.  And just for fun, here are a few other pictures of me and my companions during battle with him.
Attacking with Mournsong
Casting Walk in the Shadows
Kan Po's critical hit. There is a reason he is my favorite companion :)
My Ebon Spectre attacking a minion
Victory heal!
 So that's a little preview of what to expect if you come to the event on Monday. Of course, it will be more fun with everyone there!  Remember to check out the post in the link at the top for the details.  I hope to see you there!