Monday, January 28, 2013

Imperial Lion Pet

Hey there fellow Pirates!

I have some news to share today.  Over the weekend, I got this super awesome pet on Pirate101, an Imperial Lion.  A friend of mine had one, and I decided to make it my goal to get one.

He looks kind of like the Wizard101 Foo Dog.

And here are his stats at level 50:

This pet is a reward for getting this badge:

Now I will be honest with you.....I don't really know how to get this badge.  Well, not completely anyway.  I tried to Google it, and came up with a couple side quests that you have to complete, but no one seemed to know all of them.  So, I will tell you what I do know, and when I level my Privateer, I will pay close attention and try to figure it out.  Then I can come back and give you an update.

So anyway, here is what I do know.  You get the badge by completing certain side quests in Mooshu.

  • A Time for Atonement - Given by Master Hei Yu (Wei No Shrine, Subata Skyway)
  • Ring Those Bells--->The Time is Wen--->A Side of Chao Mein - Given by Chao Mein (Corrupted Shrine, Verdant Dock, Subata Skyway)
  • Peace Crane - Given by Brother Tsuru (Hamaitsu Garden, Hamamitsu Skyway)
  • Howdy, Pilgrimage! - Given by Master Wai (Subata Temple, Subata Skyway)
As I said, this is the information I found through Google.  I am not sure if it is complete or correct, as I had already done most of the Mooshu side quests when I found out about this badge.  But I figured it would at least give you a starting place if you want to try to get this badge and pet.  I will provide an update as I get more information!

Good luck and have fun questing!


Pitstop said...

This is incomplete. The quest to the Imperial Lion is with Brother Yodo on Yama Kai.

Chrissy The Blesser said...

I have an album on Central with all the quest givers and maps with their locations and a picture of the giver. I just don't know how, yet to make an illustrated guide. So if you need to find out if you missed someone, just compare with that album: