Monday, January 7, 2013

Pirate101 Glitches

As much as I love Pirate101, it is still new, and a work in progress.  There have been many "bugs" and glitches reported since it was released to the public, and I have to say that Kingsisle is pretty quick about fixing them. They are definitely an amazing game team!

Sometimes these bugs and glitches can be annoying (not being able to pick up a quest, quest arrow not working right, etc) but sometimes they can be kinda cool, and make for interesting photos.

I have run across quite a few of these cooler types of glitches, mostly when I lose connection, or try to port to a different location.  I thought some of you may enjoy seeing these pictures, so here they are:

Oh no! Someone must have made me walk the plank!
In this one the ship is just gone. Maybe it's a ghost ship? 
I'm siiinnnkkkiiinnnggg........
This is what happens if you have too much Yum. LOL
Apparently I have a twin....or is there just 2 of me?
My llama thinks he can fly! :)
I know this is kind of a random post, but I hope you enjoyed it anyway.  If you want, comment and tell me if you have come across any cool glitches.  Or email me photos with descriptions at  and maybe I will make another post with all of your submissions.

Have fun and watch out for those disappearing ships! See you next time :)


Anonymous said...

Have you had any computer problems with this game, i.e., computer freezing, running slow, etc.? Last time I downloaded this game I had these problems and deleted it, now I am thinking of getting the game again, wanting to know if they've fixed the problems. Thanks.

Unknown said...

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