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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

PvP Party Rescheduled

Hey everyone.

I just wanted to let everyone know that I am rescheduling the PvP party I had to cancel last week.  It will be this Friday, February 15 at 6:30pm EST.

Where:  Brawlin' Hall
Realm:  One Eyed Jack
Date: Friday February 15
Time: 6:30pm EST

Hope to see everyone there! :)

Monday, February 11, 2013

On My Seventh Day of Questing....

On my seventh day of questing, Pirate101 gave to me.....
Lots of shiny treasure....
Six brand new powers....
Five more levels!!
Four companions....
Three training tomes....
Two promotions....
And a ship at Jonah Town dock!!
As you can see, I was busy questing over the weekend.  And yes, the snow put me in a Christmassy type of mood.  So what could be better than a pirate version of a Christmas tune?  Anyway, I finished the story line I had been working on, recovered Captain Gunn's treasure, and gave Captain Avery his much desired chalice.

Along the way, I met The Frogfather and One Eyed Jack, as well as lots of mean creatures.  You can see my main achievements above, and you can see some other highlights from my questing below.

I will hopefully be back later today or tomorrow with a time for the rescheduled PvP party.  Until then, have a great time questing and stay safe!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Important Notice!!!

Hey everyone!

I really hate to do this, but I am canceling the Pirate101 PvP party tonight.  I am right in the middle of where the blizzard will hit and there is a very high chance that I will lose power.  I will make a post this weekend or Monday with information for rescheduling the party.  Sorry for any inconvenience and I hope you will be able to make it to the rescheduled party! Have a great weekend and stay safe!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Sinking Ships

Hey everyone!

I haven't had too much time online since I posted yesterday, so I haven't continued questing.  But I have been nautical leveling on my privateer a little.  I have been fighting Waponi Ships in Skull Island Skyway and so far I have made it to Nautical Level 5!  Not too bad since I was only Nautical Level 2 when I posted yesterday.  It is taking a lot longer than I thought it would, but I know that I will get to a higher level eventually!
Me getting blown to pieces! :P
Autumn Walker - Privateer Ensign :D

Anyway, just a short post/update today.  Hopefully I will have more to post about tomorrow.  See you then!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Hey everyone!

This morning I set out to start tracking down Captain Gunn's treasure.  I started out at Kraken Skull Tavern and Skinny Pete told me to head downstairs to see Ensign Emmett.  Well when I arrived he was arguing with this guy named Ratbeard, who was trying to steal Captain Gunn's will!  A fight ensued and Ratbeard scampered with the will!  Ensign Emmett decided to join my group though!
Ratbeard looks scared!  And he should be
See? Told ya he was scared!
A new companion! Welcome to my crew Emmett!
After the battle, my companions and I headed out to follow the trail.  It eventually led us to Blind Mew who told us he thought Ratbeard was hiding out at Blood Shoals.  So I collected my raft and headed there.
Sailing my......ship?........for the first time
Once I got there, I noticed a cave and headed inside.  There was......GHOSTS!  Rat ghosts to be exact.  One of the rats, Lasko, informed me that they were betrayed by Ratbeard and poisoned.  Ratbeard took off with the will, determined to get Captain Gunn's treasure all to himself.  But, he told me he would give me information if I helped out his comrades.

The other three ghosts, Manny, Moe and Jack, all had their own stories of regret that they wanted me to help them make amends with.  I won't go into details, but I will say that they each led on a separate quest.  Here are some pictures.
Blowing up Cutthroat ships....KA-BOOM
Fried fish anyone?  Actually......Are batacudas really fish?
Trying to keep Young Nick safe from the big bad crabs!
And we did it!
Once I completed all three of those quests, I talked to Lasko again.....Who had absolutely no idea where Ratbeard was.  He did point me in the direction of The Frogfather though.  So that's where I will be headed next.
Golly-gee, thanks for the info. *tries not to roll eyes* :P
While I was questing today, I achieved 3 things:  I reached level 5, gained nautical level 2, and learned my level 5 power (light armor).  Go me! *happy dances*

Well that's all for today.  I hope I will have time to quest again tomorrow.  Thanks for reading and have fun adventuring!  See you next time.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

An Even Trade?


When I last left you (yesterday) my Privateer was getting ready to head into Skull Cave to track down Fin and the jade amulet.  I had to track down the hidden entrance, which was behind a waterfall.....Sneaky, sneaky!

Once inside, I discovered that there was a flood blocking the entrance to the room Fin was inside of. But luckily Lt. Smollet's friend Shepherd was there to point me in the right direction.  First I had to Fight some more cutthroats to get a key, which would allow me to a room where a guy named Marcus was hiding out.  Supposedly Marcus would have crucial information about how to gain access to Fin.
The critical hit that got me the key to Marcus :)
Egg Shen loves doing critical hits!
My pet is great for finishing off enemies! :)
Marcus is giving up the info!
As Marcus informed me that the only way to access Fin was to drain the water, we had to track down the huge drain, which was guarded by troggies.  This wasn't too difficult. It was a battle with an objective: Use the statues to drain the water.  So there wasn't too much fighting going on here.
Bonnie Anne taking out a bunch of troggies
The water and troggies draining away. Bye bye troggies!
After the water was drained, we headed back to Shepherd and saw that we now had access to Fin's hideout.  And Shepherd was nice enough to join us in the battle!  This time, we didn't have to defeat everyone, just Fin.
Double ouch?
The attack the killed!
And the jade amulet is finally in my possession!
Now that we had the jade amulet, it was time to return it to Captain Avery and get our ship! Very exciting.....or is it?

Yeah.....I don't think that was quite an even trade. pile of wood?.....isn't exactly equal to the amulet and all the work it took to get it.  But Avery doesn't seem to think he slighted me at all! In fact, he wants us to track down Captain Gunn's treasure and get a chalice for him!  To accept or not to accept....That is the question.  Should I?  Find out next time!

Oh and just a side note.  I reached level 4 and learned my first power!  Yay me! :P

Anyway, see you next time.  Have fun and thanks for reading!

Monday, February 4, 2013

The Great Troggy Massacre

Ahoy Mateys!

Today I had a chance to start questing on my privateer for a little bit.  I leveled her up to level 3, and she got her second companion, Bonnie Anne.

When we start off questing in Skull Island, we are brought to Captain Avery's office.  He tells us that if we help him find the Jade Amulet that Fin stole, he will help us out and give us a ship.
After talking to Rigby, we go to Skull Mountain and talk to Bonnie Anne, who tells us we need to defeat some troggies.  This is accomplished in just a couple fights.  I have to say, going back to fighting with only one companion, after having 2, 3 or more on my witchdoctor was really strange!
Ma'am, yes Ma'am!  I bet she is already planning on joining my crew! :)
My privateer's healing skills at work!
Egg Shen's first critical hit!
Flying troggy? Or dead troggy? Or maybe both?
When we go back and talk to Smollet, we get to recruit Bonnie Anne! I also achieved level 2 at this point! Woohoo!!!  We have to go find and destroy the troggy slingshots.  Here is a picture of me blowing one up. (You gotta love a game that lets you blow stuff up!)

Wow, that was quite an explosion! I went back to Smollet with singed eyebrows and he had the nerve to ask me to go track down his friends Livesy and Shepherd.  Of course there had to be more complications. We come across Livesy, who has been locked up in a cage. And we have to defeat more troggies to free him!
Nice cage you have there Livesy :P
You DO NOT want to make Egg Shen mad!
After we free Livesy with the troggie's key, we have to head towards Skull Cave.  But first we have to defeat some Cutthroat Sharks to gain entrance.  These guys are even meaner than the troggies!
The Cutthroat's camp.  Skull Cave is in the background.
My....What big teeth you have!
Bonnie Anne taking care of business
And my pet finishes off the last shark. TAKE THAT!
After that battle, I gained level 3. (Only 47 more to go!)  And now it's time for Skull Cave.  But I am kind of nervous.  It's supposed to be dark and spooky in there. Who knows what types of things live inside.  We'll find out next time!  Thanks for reading and have fun questing!

Pirate vs. Pirate Time


It's Monday morning, so do you know what that means?  It's time to announce my next Pirate101 event!  Since we have been focusing on farming and nautical leveling lately, I was thinking of doing something a little different this week......PvP!

I haven't had much of a chance to PvP on Pirate101 yet, but the little bit I have done is a lot of fun!  So far all PvP in Pirate101 is practice, so this is a great chance to come out and give it a try!  There are 2 options of where to have the party, at a house or at one of the PvP halls in Skull Island.  I think we should have it in Skull Island so more people can participate at one time (4v4 instead of 1v1).

All levels are welcome at this party.  So come on out and try something new (or practice an old hobby), meet new people and have a great time!  If you aren't sure where the PvP halls are, here are a couple pictures to help you out.
This is the building from the outside
The one circled in red is where we will be
So here are the rest of the details:

When: Friday, February 8 @ 6:00pm EST
Where: Skull Island, Brawlin' Hall
Realm: One-Eyed Jack, Area 1

There is no need to meet up and add me first, although I will add people who would like to add me! Everyone should have access to this area, so just show up and have a great time!  I hope to see you there!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Autumn Walker - Privateer

Yay! I finally did it......I made a new pirate, a privateer.  I haven't actually quested on her yet.  But I did create her and do the tutorial.

So let's see.....Autumn's info.....Yes, I did give her the same name and same look as my other pirate. I know, not very original, but I like to keep it simple.  Her parents were killed by the Armada and she grew up in Grizzleheim.  And as I already mentioned, she is a privateer.  You can see some pictures of me creating her below.

Since I had already made a pirate before, I didn't have to do the tutorial, but I did it anyway, so that people who may just be starting out can see what to expect.  Basically during the tutorial you talk to and recruit your first companion.  Then it walks you through your first battle against the Armada, which lasts 3 rounds.  Eventually you board Boochbeard's ship and the game walks you through sailing and your first ship battle.  Then it's finally off to Skull Island!

So that's about it.  I will hopefully be able to start questing and making more posts tomorrow.  Thanks for reading! See you next time :)

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Amber Hoards Take on the Tango

Did you know that a group of pirates is called a tango of pirates?  No? Well now you do!

Yesterday afternoon was my second NXP party and we had a decent size tango of us pirates. There was about 8-10 of us and we headed to Subata Skyway in Mooshu to fight some of the high level Amber Hoard ships.  We were fighting these because along with giving good nautical experience, they also drop some great ship parts!

Here are a few pictures of the event.
You can see Medusa and Frost Giant in this picture
One of the items that was dropped gives Storm Lord!
My octopus/squid attack
I had a great time, even though I couldn't stay too long.  I hope everyone else did too!  Thanks to all who showed up.  I have a little something different planned for next Friday, so watch for the post announcing that.  I should be making it on Monday.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend! :)

Friday, February 1, 2013

Raffle Winners


Thanks to everyone who entered the raffle!  There was a lot of entries. I loved reading everyone's comments about their favorite thing on Pirate101!  Most people seem to really like having companions.

Anyway, I could only choose 2 winners this time, but I will be having more contests, giveaways and raffles in the future. So there will be many more chances to win!  Here are the two winners for this raffle:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Congratulations to both of you!  I will be sending your codes to the email addresses you used to follow my blog.  If you would like them to be sent somewhere else, please contact me on facebook, twitter, or email me at

Thanks again everyone! See you soon :)