Tuesday, February 5, 2013

An Even Trade?


When I last left you (yesterday) my Privateer was getting ready to head into Skull Cave to track down Fin and the jade amulet.  I had to track down the hidden entrance, which was behind a waterfall.....Sneaky, sneaky!

Once inside, I discovered that there was a flood blocking the entrance to the room Fin was inside of. But luckily Lt. Smollet's friend Shepherd was there to point me in the right direction.  First I had to Fight some more cutthroats to get a key, which would allow me to a room where a guy named Marcus was hiding out.  Supposedly Marcus would have crucial information about how to gain access to Fin.
The critical hit that got me the key to Marcus :)
Egg Shen loves doing critical hits!
My pet is great for finishing off enemies! :)
Marcus is giving up the info!
As Marcus informed me that the only way to access Fin was to drain the water, we had to track down the huge drain, which was guarded by troggies.  This wasn't too difficult. It was a battle with an objective: Use the statues to drain the water.  So there wasn't too much fighting going on here.
Bonnie Anne taking out a bunch of troggies
The water and troggies draining away. Bye bye troggies!
After the water was drained, we headed back to Shepherd and saw that we now had access to Fin's hideout.  And Shepherd was nice enough to join us in the battle!  This time, we didn't have to defeat everyone, just Fin.
Double ouch?
The attack the killed!
And the jade amulet is finally in my possession!
Now that we had the jade amulet, it was time to return it to Captain Avery and get our ship! Very exciting.....or is it?

Yeah.....I don't think that was quite an even trade.  That....um....ship?.....raft?.....floating pile of wood?.....isn't exactly equal to the amulet and all the work it took to get it.  But Avery doesn't seem to think he slighted me at all! In fact, he wants us to track down Captain Gunn's treasure and get a chalice for him!  To accept or not to accept....That is the question.  Should I?  Find out next time!

Oh and just a side note.  I reached level 4 and learned my first power!  Yay me! :P

Anyway, see you next time.  Have fun and thanks for reading!