Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Hey everyone!

This morning I set out to start tracking down Captain Gunn's treasure.  I started out at Kraken Skull Tavern and Skinny Pete told me to head downstairs to see Ensign Emmett.  Well when I arrived he was arguing with this guy named Ratbeard, who was trying to steal Captain Gunn's will!  A fight ensued and Ratbeard scampered with the will!  Ensign Emmett decided to join my group though!

Ratbeard looks scared!  And he should be
See? Told ya he was scared!
A new companion! Welcome to my crew Emmett!
After the battle, my companions and I headed out to follow the trail.  It eventually led us to Blind Mew who told us he thought Ratbeard was hiding out at Blood Shoals.  So I collected my raft and headed there.
Sailing my......ship?........for the first time
Once I got there, I noticed a cave and headed inside.  There was......GHOSTS!  Rat ghosts to be exact.  One of the rats, Lasko, informed me that they were betrayed by Ratbeard and poisoned.  Ratbeard took off with the will, determined to get Captain Gunn's treasure all to himself.  But, he told me he would give me information if I helped out his comrades.

The other three ghosts, Manny, Moe and Jack, all had their own stories of regret that they wanted me to help them make amends with.  I won't go into details, but I will say that they each led on a separate quest.  Here are some pictures.
Blowing up Cutthroat ships....KA-BOOM
Fried fish anyone?  Actually......Are batacudas really fish?
Trying to keep Young Nick safe from the big bad crabs!
And we did it!
Once I completed all three of those quests, I talked to Lasko again.....Who had absolutely no idea where Ratbeard was.  He did point me in the direction of The Frogfather though.  So that's where I will be headed next.
Golly-gee, thanks for the info. *tries not to roll eyes* :P
While I was questing today, I achieved 3 things:  I reached level 5, gained nautical level 2, and learned my level 5 power (light armor).  Go me! *happy dances*

Well that's all for today.  I hope I will have time to quest again tomorrow.  Thanks for reading and have fun adventuring!  See you next time.