Sunday, March 31, 2013

Secrets of the Spiral Grand Reopening Contest!

Hey Everyone!

Welcome to the brand new Secrets of the Spiral!  To celebrate the new design and improvements (which you can read about here) I am going to have a contest.  The winner will receive a $10.00 Pirate101 gift card.  Sound good?  Here's how to enter:
  • Find answers to the 10 trivia questions below.
  • Send an email to with "Trivia Contest" in the subject line. Include all 10 answers in your email.
  • Please also include your Wizard101 or Pirate101 name. DO NOT include any personal information!
  • All entries must be submmitted by 12:00pm eastern on Monday, April 15, 2013. The winner will be announced shortly after.
  • Everyone who answers all 10 questions correctly, and follows all the guidelines listed above, will be entered into a raffle for the gift card.
Here are the questions:
  1. When creating a pirate, what are the 5 causes of being orphaned, and which companion do you get for each cause?
  2. When did the Pirate101 headstart begin, and when was the official release date?
  3. Tell me the locations of any 3 training tomes in Pirate101.
  4. What classes are Bonnie Anne, Ratbeard, and El Toro?
  5. Which 2 worlds haven't been released yet, but have stormgates in the game already?
  6. Which pet is the reward for the Mooshu Mystic badge?
  7. Which worlds in Pirate101 have Prospector Zeke quests, and what items does he have you find in each world?
  8. How many skyways are in Cool Ranch?
  9. Which area in Pirate101 "snows?" (Looking for a specific place. There are 2 possible answers. Only give me one)
  10. Which Wizard101 pet/spell do you have to fight against in the Pirate101 version of Mooshu? (Boss fight)
*Edited to add* I have decided to let people have a second chance. So if you answer any of the questions incorrectly the first time, I will email you and tell you which ones need to be corrected.  Each person only gets 2 chances though, so make sure to take your time!

Good luck to everyone who enters!  And remember to have fun!

*Important Note*  Please ask a parent or guardian before entering this contest or any other contest if you are under the age of 13. Thanks! :)


Unknown said...

nice contest, and ultra, mega, super, duper price lol

Anonymous said...

Yes I like the trivia, not only it is interesting but in same time gives you the benefit of learning something new as well chance for prize :)

LLewella Life

Unknown said...

Yeah, I love triviaaaa! :D

Katherine De Bouff said...

WOW, thank you for the contest and for the prize :) It was fun solving your trivia :)