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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Marleybone and Aquila Come to Pirate101 Test Realm!

Ahoy Mateys!

This is a very exciting day in the Pirate101 Spiral!  Lots of news, lots of spoilers and lots of new content!  The excitement actually started last week, with the release of puzzle pieces to the fan sites.  The following day (Friday) the completed puzzles were released as Pirate101 background images.  And finally, yesterday, released a snippet of an article which you can read about here.  Like I said, lots of excitement!

It all culminated today when released this article and Massively released this one, both with lots more information and screenshots of the new worlds!  This was shortly followed up with the announcement of the Pirate101 Test Realm Update Notes, which can be read in their entirety here: Test realm Update Notes.

Here are what I think are the highlights of the release:

  • 2 new worlds, Marleybone and Aquila
  • New level cap will be 65
  • Many new talents and powers, starting at level 52
  • New gear, equipment and ship parts
  • Max gold raised to 200,000
  • New companions and promotions for existing companions
  • A Bazaar!!!
  • New "Turret Bosses" in the skyways for multi-player ship fights
  • Teleportalators to send you to worlds you have already been to (for a fee)
  • Tons more!  Be sure to check out the full update notes in the link above!!!
Last but not least, here are a few pictures from the article.  Be sure to go read the whole article in the link above though. They have a lot of great info not covered in my highlights section!

I hope you enjoyed this sneak peek!  I will be back (hopefully tomorrow) with a fuller report and more pictures directly from the Test Realm.  I can't wait! :)  See you then! :)

The Betrayal Part 4

Ahoy me hearties!

I am finally back with the final part of this quest.  When I left off, I was about to go defeat Three Scars, but first I had to defeat 10 Black Storm Raider ships to get to him.  Then it was off to find Three Scars.  I didn't get many pictures during this part of the quest (I was multi-tasking.) But I did get a few.
Gotta love Bonnie Anne!
Egg Shen going Ninja!
I love this healing spell. It's all shiny!
I defeated him no problem and at the end I got a new companion! :) I love getting new companions! :)

After telling Brother Wolf that I completed his mission, he sent me back to Thunderbird to find out where I could look for Tonka.  Apparently I am now in search of The Duck of Death. But first it is time to search out some silver bullets!

I am glad this quest line is over. It isn't that I didn't like it, but from what I remember on my Witchdoctor, questing seems to move along more quickly now.  Thanks for reading! See you soon :)

Monday, April 29, 2013

I Was Wrong....And I Am Glad!


I commented on this blog post stating that I thought Kingsisle would only release one new world. Well......I was wrong! posted an article stating that Kingsisle is in fact releasing two whole new worlds, Marleybone AND Aquila!

This is so exciting! That is a lot of story to quest through. And imagine the new companions, gear, much new content!  It also means a new level cap! I wonder if it will be 60 or 70.  And probably new powers as well!

Can you tell how excited I am to be wrong about this? lol  Anyway, the article can be viewed at this link.  And below you can see the concept art that they released for this article.  Now to sit back and wait for test realm to open......Or more accurately, bounce in my seat and wait for test realm to open! :P See you there....Soon, I hope! :)

Become Lord of the Apes! (Event)


I have been trying to get all the badges in Pirate101, and the only one I have left to get (I think) is "Lord of the Apes."  This is the badge that you get for defeating Gortez 25 times.  The reward for the badge is also a companion that is unlocked in the Crown Shop, Goronado.  Anyway, it should be fun! I am hoping lots of people will come to help. :)  You can find the details below.

Date:  Wednesday, May 1, 2013
Time:  3:30pm Eastern until whenever
Where:  Meet at the Gold Monkey Entrance.  Not sure how to get there?
              Tradewinds Skyway--> Gold Mine--> Dark Jungle--> Ancient Ruins--> Gold Monkey
Realm:  One Eyed Jack, area 1

Everyone is welcome to come, regardless of level, so make sure to tell your friends! However, you do need to have either a membership or crowns to access this area. I hope to see you all there! :)

*Note*  If you haven't unlocked this area yet, go to Avery's Court, One Eyed Jack realm and look for Chloe Dove.  Add her and then she will port you to the correct location. Thanks! :)

The Betrayal Part 3


I have been VERY busy trying to fix Three Scars betrayals.  I definitely have to keep those Totem Spirits happy.  The last time I posted, I was on my way to get some yummy striped buffaloon meat to feed Brother Wolf.  I have to say, this is definitely not my favorite Pirate101 quest. It isn't too hard, but it does take a long time!  However, I managed to get all 8 pieces of meat and only died one time in the process!
Time to blow up some buffaloons!
Egg Shen prefers to show off though
Whack!  I bet that buffaloon has a headache now!
Healing time! :)
So I brought the meat to Brother Wolf and he told me the sad story of the Chief's Daughter, Silver Rain.  Three Scars used the venom he stole from Sister Snake to kill her! I am liking Three Scars less and less.
Another gigantic animal with creepy glowing eyes!
Level 24! :)
Anyway, Silver Rain's ghost was blinded by the venom, so now it was my job to help her find her way to the Spirit World, right?  Sure it was :P lol  First I had to talk to Sister Snake about an antidote for her venom and she told me I had to get Ghost tear and Grumwort herb. My companions and I went to ask Vadima for help and she sent us off to the Aztecosaurs for Ghost tear while she searched out Grumwort Herb (whatever that is) :P
Bonnie Anne is awesome! :)
It's electric! Boogie, woogie, woogie!
Egg Shen!  This isn't a dance lesson! :P
Buh-Bye Aztecosaur Mummy!
After that, Vadima told us she had tracked the Grumwort Herb to The Frogfather.  And then he said it had been stolen from him. So if we stole it back, we could have some.  Time for another battle!
Yeah, unpleasant for you maybe! :P
Attack of the flying Egg Shen!
Oooh, perty!
Take that!
So in the end we got the Grumwort Herb, and went back to Sister Snake, who made the antidote for us.  Then it was off to Silver Rain's grave to help her move on the the Spirit World.
We did it! Go us! :)
Next up, Brother Wolf wants me to make Three Scars pay for his betrayals.  But this post is already incredibly long, so more about that next time.  Thanks for reading and be sure to watch for "The betrayal Part 4".......DON DON DON!!! :P

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Changing Your Pirate's Flag?

Ahoy Me Hearties!

To answer the question above......well, you can't.  But I do hope this is a feature that Pirate101 will add in the future.

Here's the thing.  Right now you create your flag before you even start the game, when you are making your pirate.  And as of now it can't be changed.  The flag's colors determine the color of your companions' clothes.  New pirates may not realize this and just choose the first thing they see, not realizing it can't be changed later on.  This leads me to two different changes I think KI may want to consider making in the future.

First of all, I think that Pirates should create their flags when they get their first raft.  The "Flag Design" window could pop up when you get your first raft, instructing you to design your flag. This would give new players a feel for the game before they make their flag choices.

My second idea is the ability to change your flag.  This would be a useful option to have, even if we would only be able to change the colors and not the designs.  I wouldn't mind if it cost crowns. I think 100-200 crowns would be reasonable to change the color, and maybe more to change the designs as well.  Or maybe there could be "Flag Dying" available for gold, and "Flag Designing" available for crowns.

There are a few ways that Kingsisle could incorporate this feature into the game.

  • There could be a person you go to, like the Dye Shop or Eloise Merriweather.
  • There could be options available in the Crown Shop, maybe in the form of a "Flag Change Potion" or something.
  • Or there could be a "Flag Design" window you could open from the "Ship" menu area.
So these are my ideas.  Comment and let me know what you think.  Would you like to see these features available?  If so, do you think it should cost crowns? Would you want to change the design or just the color? And if you don't think it should be available, let me know why! I can't wait to hear your responses!  Thanks for reading! :)

Chloe's New Pets

Ahoy Me Hearties!

Chloe started asking for a Pirate101 pet an hour after she started playing.  Since I was making a guide about How to Get a White-Tailed Jackalope, I decided I would let her try out my guide to make sure all the information was correct.  This led to about an hour of sailing around Cool Ranch and her porting to me in the various areas.  But at the end of that hour, look at what she got!

So she was pretty happy to have this "adorable" new pet.....for about a day.  The next day she started asking for the Coral Widow that is in the Crown Shop.  Luckily that particular pet can be bought for 9,375 gold.  For once I was happy about my daughter's love of spiders :P  Unfortunately, Chloe only had about 400 gold, so we decided to take another break from questing and I brought her to farm Friar Sand on my Witchdoctor.
El Toro getting ready to show off
Yeah.....Not very impressive Mr. Show-Off lol
Chloe getting a hit in :)
Super Kan Po to the rescue!
Chloe needed some healing.
After battling Friar Sand 3 times, Chloe had more than enough gold to by her spider.  She was extremely happy....mostly because I think it's creeptacular :P  Anyway, here she is with it.

So that was a fun little detour! Chloe loved seeing some of the other worlds she will be able to visit in the future.  She especially thought the stormgate areas in between worlds are really beautiful.  Next time I will have an update on our progress with questing. Thanks for reading! :)

Saturday, April 27, 2013

5 Tips on How to Talk Like a Pirate

Avast me hearties!

I reckon ye sailed o'er 'ere t' learn t' natter like a swashbucklin' scallywag o' the sea.  There be more t' it than jus' utterin' "Arrr" so learn th' lingo an' keep from bein' tossed o'verboard like th' landlubber ye be.
  1. Always refer to yourself as "me," never use "I".  Also, use "me" in place of "my" and "meself" in place of "myself."  Ex:  "I am going to get myself some Yum because I am thirsty" becomes "Me be thirstin' fer a glass o' Yum."
  2. Never use "you" or "yourself." Use "yer" or "yerself" instead. Ex: "You have a really cool ship" becomes "Ye go' yerself a mighty fine ship Bucko!"
  3. Pirates mumble and grumble a lot!  So leave off the endings of words and slur them together. Ex: "I am going to fight some ships" becomes "I be goin' t' blow 'em bilge rats out o' th' water!"
  4. Say "Arrrr" frequently.  Particularly when you aren't sure what to say.  Arrrr be used to mean many things!
  5. Learn the pirate lingo or slang.  There are a lot of websites to help with this.  I have listed a few below. 
Pirate Language Sites and Tools

These be jus' a few o' th' tools available. So ge' a glass o' yum an' be gettin' t' work learnin th' lingo. Ye will be talkin' like a sea dog instead o' a lubber in no time!

New Pirate101 Background Images!

Hey there!

The past couple of days have been filled with excitement about the new content Pirate101 is planning on releasing soon.  After the official sites all posted their pieces of the puzzle, and everyone had a chance to assemble them, Pirate101 sent out the official completed background images of the new world(s) to the fan sites!

I have downloaded them from Around the Spiral with Edward Lifegem and posted them below for you to enjoy. You can also download them from any of the other official Pirate101 fansites.  Thank you Kingsisle and Pirate101!

Friday, April 26, 2013

A New Pirate Class? (contest)

Ahoy Mateys!

I love having contests and I have decided that it is time for another one.

So I was wondering, if Pirate101 was to add a sixth class to the game, what would you want it to be?  What would the class be called, what powers would the new class acquired, and what companion(s) would it have?  Be as creative and descriptive as possible.  Graphics are always welcome, but not required.

The winner will receive a $10.00 Pirate101 gift card, which can be used to purchase a one month membership or 5000 crowns.

This is how to enter:
Send an email to  Type "Pirate101 New Class" in the subject line.  Include as much detail in your entry as possible, and also include your Pirate101 name.  Please do not include any personal information.  The contest will end Friday, May 10, 2013 at 12pm Eastern.  The winner will be announced by Monday, May 13th.

Good luck to everyone!

*Important note* If you are under the age of 13 years old, please get permission from your parent/guardian before entering any contest or giveaway!

The Adventures of Autumn & Chloe Part 4: NXP Time!


The last time I posted, Chloe and I were getting ready to head to Jonah Town.  When we got there, we had to head out and complete a solo fight against some storm sharks.  Chloe did great! But unfortunately I have no pictures from her battle.  I managed to make it out of my battle alive too. Here are a few pictures of me.
Sarah Steele is Awesome! :)
I don't know what he's smiling at, but he won't be smiling for long!
Getting ready for a super attack!
After that, we ended up getting a quest to fight some ships!  This was Chloe's second time ship battling. She is still catching on, but she did much better. And even though we were ganged up on at one point, neither of us died!
Chloe with her raft
Me with my raft
We were ganged up on, but we both survived!
Next up.....Back to Skull Island and into the sewers!  Doesn't that sound like fun?  Don't miss the next installment of The Adventures of Autumn & Chloe!  Thanks for reading! :)

White-Tailed Jackalope Pet


There are several pets in Pirate101 that you can get as rewards for earning certain badges.  One of these pets is the White-Tailed Jackalope.  As you can see, he is pretty cute!  You get this pet in Cool Ranch as a reward for completing the badge "Frontier Drifter."

According to the description on the badge,  you earn the title "Frontier Drifter" by "Exploring important areas in Cool Ranch."  There are 21 of these areas and they are listed below.  I have separated them by skyway to make it easier.

Cooper's Roost Skyway
Cooper's Roost
Bison Burial Ground (enter the dungeon)

Santo Pollo Skyway
Santo Pollo
Banditoad Trail
Castillo Sapo (enter the dungeon)
Isla De Los Muertos

Arroyo Grande
Both Sides of Arroyo Grande (This counts as 2. Make sure you take both elevators to reach both sides)

Big Sky
Bison Village
Scorpion Rock
Gold Creek
Elder Bluff
Boot Hill (enter the dungeon)

Tumbleweed Skyway
Old Jailhouse (enter the dungeon)
Old Chirp Place (enter the dungeon)
Traveling Medicine Show

Haunted Skyway
Fort McMurtry
Miranda (enter the dungeon)
Motherlode Mine (enter the dungeon)

If you visit all of the areas above, you should receive the White-Tailed Jackalope pet.  They can all be ported to, even the dungeons. So if you have a high level friend who will take you to all of them, you can get this pet early. Good luck and have fun questing! :)

Thursday, April 25, 2013

New Pirate101 Mystery Content!

Hey everyone!

Pirate101 announced today that they are going to be releasing new content! What could it be?  Visit all the official fansites for the puzzle pieces. Then assemble them all to get the answer!  Some of the sites may post both of their pictures today, while some may wait a day or 2 to post the second piece of the puzzle!  Pirate101 also released 2 pieces of their own which can be found on their Facebook Page or their Twitter Page,

I won't post any of the images here, since I think it is something that only the official sites have permission to do. But I will post what is coming to Pirate101 in a few days, so watch for the post! to find all the pieces!  But first, click the following link to get access to a list of official sites! Pirate101 Official Fansites Good luck! :)

*Edited*  I have tracked down all the pieces of the puzzles from the fansites! Yes, I said puzzles! There are 2 separate pictures! Remember, if you want to assemble the pieces yourself, click this link for a list of sites that are posting the pieces. I also got permission from Tom, the Pirate101 community manager, to post the completed images here.  Here they are:

I know the second picture is missing a small part. I think something happened when I downloaded that particular piece.  However, you can still get an idea of what the picture is.

Here are my thoughts.  I know that many people are saying that they think the pictures represent 2 different worlds, Marleybone and Aquila.  I personally think that both are pictures of Aquila though.  Mostly because I'm not sure that Kingsisle would release 2 separate worlds at the same time.  However, Marleybone and Aquila both use the same windstone (yellow I believe) so it isn't entirely impossible for both to be released now.  Especially if their story lines are closely linked.

One thing is certain though.....I am extremely excited about this new content!  I can't wait to see what Kingsisle has to say about it.  And I definitely can't wait for test realm to be released so I can check it out and share my thoughts with all of you!

So now that you have seen the pictures, what do you think? Comment below and let me know what your theories are!  Thanks for reading and have fun! :)