Saturday, April 27, 2013

5 Tips on How to Talk Like a Pirate

Avast me hearties!

I reckon ye sailed o'er 'ere t' learn t' natter like a swashbucklin' scallywag o' the sea.  There be more t' it than jus' utterin' "Arrr" so learn th' lingo an' keep from bein' tossed o'verboard like th' landlubber ye be.

  1. Always refer to yourself as "me," never use "I".  Also, use "me" in place of "my" and "meself" in place of "myself."  Ex:  "I am going to get myself some Yum because I am thirsty" becomes "Me be thirstin' fer a glass o' Yum."
  2. Never use "you" or "yourself." Use "yer" or "yerself" instead. Ex: "You have a really cool ship" becomes "Ye go' yerself a mighty fine ship Bucko!"
  3. Pirates mumble and grumble a lot!  So leave off the endings of words and slur them together. Ex: "I am going to fight some ships" becomes "I be goin' t' blow 'em bilge rats out o' th' water!"
  4. Say "Arrrr" frequently.  Particularly when you aren't sure what to say.  Arrrr be used to mean many things!
  5. Learn the pirate lingo or slang.  There are a lot of websites to help with this.  I have listed a few below. 
Pirate Language Sites and Tools

These be jus' a few o' th' tools available. So ge' a glass o' yum an' be gettin' t' work learnin th' lingo. Ye will be talkin' like a sea dog instead o' a lubber in no time!