Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Black Storm Raiders and Birds


Wow, it has been awhile since I updated all of you on my Privateer's progress with questing. I apologize. I got sidetracked with updating the blog, as well as a few projects for other sites, which I am sure I will be able to tell you about soon.

Anyway, I have been questing, not much, but enough to make it all the way to Cool Ranch!  That means I found The Monkey's Paw and managed to sneak past the Armada in Valencia.....Although, I got caught in Granchia so many times, I don't know if it could actually be considered "sneaking." lol

So yes, Autumn Walker, Privateer is now in Cool Ranch.  When I logged on today, I had a quest to get some ingredients to heal The Masked Bird.  So my first stop was Arroyo Grande to fight some Black Storm Raiders and collect mandrake.  This wasn't too hard. I managed to get all the mandrake in 2 battles.

It's never a good idea to make Egg Shen mad.
My Marshadillow attacking. It is the cutest pet EVER!
They didn't listen to my warning about Egg Shen. Now they're in for it!
Wow, that is rude! He set me on fire with flaming arrows! OUCH!
After that, it was time to head over to battle some of their ships and collect blood bat teeth.  Again, I was able to get all 5 drops in just 6 ship battles.  I don't know if Kingsisle made drops easier to get, or if I was just lucky, but I remember it taking a lot longer on my witchdoctor.
They tried their hardest to blow me up.......
But apparently I am MUCH stronger! :)
The last ingredient was sun pollen, which is floating around in the skyways.  However, those Red Sash Ships are awfully protective of it.  I think I was getting attacked every 1.3 seconds. It was crazy!  Once I had everything, I brought it back to Dancing Stars and he said we were just in time! Yay! Super Autumn saved the day! :)
And she is now level 22! See what happens when you help.....people?
Birds? Bison? 
Just as Dancing Stars was congratulating me, he noticed that Tonka was missing. He has been captured! Poor Tonka :(  So Dancing Stars sent me off to the totem in Elder Bluff to give an offering and learn what happened.
AAAHHHH!!!!!! I wish there had been a warning! That huge bird just popped
up and nearly gave me a heart attack! :P
Anyway, this post has gotten pretty long, so I will come back later in the week to let you know what Giganto-Bird had to say and what my next mission is.  Meanwhile, have fun with your own adventures! Thanks for reading! :)