Sunday, April 28, 2013

Chloe's New Pets

Ahoy Me Hearties!

Chloe started asking for a Pirate101 pet an hour after she started playing.  Since I was making a guide about How to Get a White-Tailed Jackalope, I decided I would let her try out my guide to make sure all the information was correct.  This led to about an hour of sailing around Cool Ranch and her porting to me in the various areas.  But at the end of that hour, look at what she got!

So she was pretty happy to have this "adorable" new pet.....for about a day.  The next day she started asking for the Coral Widow that is in the Crown Shop.  Luckily that particular pet can be bought for 9,375 gold.  For once I was happy about my daughter's love of spiders :P  Unfortunately, Chloe only had about 400 gold, so we decided to take another break from questing and I brought her to farm Friar Sand on my Witchdoctor.
El Toro getting ready to show off
Yeah.....Not very impressive Mr. Show-Off lol
Chloe getting a hit in :)
Super Kan Po to the rescue!
Chloe needed some healing.
After battling Friar Sand 3 times, Chloe had more than enough gold to by her spider.  She was extremely happy....mostly because I think it's creeptacular :P  Anyway, here she is with it.

So that was a fun little detour! Chloe loved seeing some of the other worlds she will be able to visit in the future.  She especially thought the stormgate areas in between worlds are really beautiful.  Next time I will have an update on our progress with questing. Thanks for reading! :)