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Guide to Ancient Tome Locations

Ahoy Ye Ol' Scallywags!

Did you know that there are FREE companion training points hidden around the spiral?  You can find them in the form of "ancient tomes" hidden throughout each world.  Some of the locations are kind of sneaky, so I put this guide together for you. I hope it helps!  And if I missed anything, please let me know so I can edit this and give you credit. :)

Skull Island
Captain Gunn's House, Corsairs Cove, Corsairs Channel
Go into Gunn's house and a tutorial tip will direct you to the ancient tome on the table.

Waponi Wu Docks, Flotsam Skyway
As you walk off the dock, stay next to the right edge of the island. The ancient tome is on the floor of a wooden structure.

The Presidio, Skull Island Skyway
Once you defeat the final boss, in the Officer's Quarters, go to the back of the room and you will see the ancient tome on the floor.

Mysterious Tunnels, Scurvy Dog Hideout, Tradewinds Skyway
The ancient tome is on the ground, next to the bed, behind Eki Eki Zip Boing.

Lower Cells, Fort Elena Dungeon, Port Regal Skyway
When you get to the quest to talk to Mustang Sally, go past her jail cell and into the room on the left. The ancient tome is in there on the table.

City Drain Dungeon, Tierra Primata Skyway
After you defeat the 8 Renegade Monquistadors, go to the next stone/brick room.  Make your way to the tunnel directly across from where you enter the room and go around the corner. The ancient tome is behind the bed.

Cool Ranch
Watering Hole, Coopers Roost Skyway
Leave the dock and run straight through the buffaloons and across the little bridge. Go up the hill to the left of the house and around the edge of the cliff. The ancient tome is next to the boulder.

Castillo Sapo, Santo Pollo Skyway
When you enter the dungeon, run to the right and the ancient tome is behind the big tree.

Arroyo Grande Web Cave, Arroyo Grande Skyway
Enter the cave and run through the room to the tunnel.  Go all the way to the back of the tunnel, and the ancient tome is behind Mother Spider.

Gold Creek Lake, Gold Creek, Big Sky
Swim to the left, around the old boat and over to the broken wagon/cart. The ancient tome is on the ground. (You will need to defeat the fish to get this tome.)

McGee Ranch, McGee Mine, Desolation Cyclone, Tumbleweed Skyway
When you enter the instance, stay to the right and run behind the house. The ancient tome is on the ground.
(Additional image coming soon)

Motherlode Mine, Haunted Skyway
On your way to locate the treasure, there is a small tunnel that branches off sharply to the right. Go in there and you will see the ancient tome sitting on a crate.

Stationer's Shop, Hamamitsu Garden, Hamamitsu Skyway
Enter the shop and the ancient tome is sitting on the counter at the back of the shop.

Cave of Shadows, Shadow Fortress, Subata Skyway
You have to go through the whole dungeon. Once you get into the room with all the treasure, stay to the left and the ancient tome is on a crate next to the edge of the cliff/gorge.

Tso Sanctum, Khotan, Khotan Skyway
After you fight General Tso, go up the stairs and keep turning left until you see the ancient tome on a bench.

Walkie's Hotel, Airdale Pier, The Isle of Fetch Docks, Westminster Skyway
Go up the stairs and into the room where the 2nd and 3rd fights are. There is another small room off to the right. The Tome is in there, on the table.

The Labyrinth, Knossos, Achaean Way
There are many different ways to reach the ancient tome in this location. However, I have outlined the most direct route in red for you.  And for those of you who may do better with descriptions than maps, here is how to get to the tome. When you enter, go left (the only way you can go). Take your first right and you will come to an area where you have to fight Skeleton Hoplites. After you fight, run straight through the room. In the next area go left, right, right, left, right, and finally left again to get to another room. Take the path across and down to the right, not the one directly across from you. Go right, then immediately left.  Take the first left again and go around the corner. The tome is on the floor at the end.

Good luck finding them all!  Thanks for reading and have fun questing! :)


Chrissy The Blesser said...

I have two more for you. In Marleybone in the Walkies Hotel. Here is a Map picture: http://pirate101.centralforums.com/forums/album.php?albumid=1093&attachmentid=35795
In Aquila there is one in the labyrinth. Here is a Map picture:
Hope this helps Keep Your Page a well used favorite. If you need, Next time I go through I will get a picture of each location.
Blessings & Giggles On Your Day.
Fair Christina Nightingale

Autumn DreamWalker said...

Thanks! I knew about those 2. Just trying to decide if I should start a "Part 2" or add them here. This one is kinda long :P Thanks for posting the links though! :)