Monday, April 29, 2013

I Was Wrong....And I Am Glad!


I commented on this blog post stating that I thought Kingsisle would only release one new world. Well......I was wrong! posted an article stating that Kingsisle is in fact releasing two whole new worlds, Marleybone AND Aquila!

This is so exciting! That is a lot of story to quest through. And imagine the new companions, gear, much new content!  It also means a new level cap! I wonder if it will be 60 or 70.  And probably new powers as well!

Can you tell how excited I am to be wrong about this? lol  Anyway, the article can be viewed at this link.  And below you can see the concept art that they released for this article.  Now to sit back and wait for test realm to open......Or more accurately, bounce in my seat and wait for test realm to open! :P See you there....Soon, I hope! :)