Monday, April 22, 2013

Introducing Chloe Dove and Autumn Walker III


This morning I decided to allow my daughter to make her own pirate.  She was incredibly excited!  I already had a second account that I am allowing her to use.  She went through the whole set up/tutorial herself, then we got to quest together for a little.  Anyway, here she is, Chloe Dove, a level 2 Musketeer.

The pirate I am questing with is a level 5 Swashbuckler that I made when the game was first released.  I had made one of each class and leveled them all to 5 to try each one out.  So for now, I will be helping Chloe catch up to where my pirate is currently at in questing.  And here is Autumn Walker III, level 5 Swashbuckler.

Yes, I know our pirates look very similar.  The funny part is, she didnt know what mine looked like before she made hers.  Weird!

Anyway, we did't get to quest too much this morning, but here are some pictures of the questing we did get to do :)
Us in Avery's office getting the first quest
Wing Chen taking down a troggy
KA-POW! Nice hit Chloe!
My critical hit....poor troggy :(
Aww, BLOCKED! :(
But Sarah Steele jumps in to save the day!
Chloe turning in her quest and earning level 2 and getting her
Bonnie Anne companion!
We also went to blow up the troggy slingshots, but I didn't get pictures.  I'm not sure how often I will be able to update you on these characters, but I will try to update you at least once a week.  Be sure to watch for the next update, The Adventures of Autumn & Chloe Part 2!

Also, I will try to be back later today with an update on my questing with Autumn Walker, Privateer.  See you around!  And thanks for reading :)