Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Marquis Mark and the Funky Bunch

Ahoy Mateys!

Prospector Zeke is back in Pirate101 and he has lots more items for us to find. The first place we run into Prospector Zeke is in Skull Island. We meet him and his friend Marquis Mark in the Kraken Skull Tavern, and hear the story about the"Funky Bunch," which is basically piles of spoiling bananas hidden thought the world. There are 10 piles in all, and here are their locations.

Skull Island - Go down to the beach area and to the second bridge. You will find the bunch as soon as you cross the bridge.

Traitor's Cave - Behind the table where Lasko and the other ghosts are.

Ruined Lighthouse - Go across the bridge and take the first path on the left. The bananas are in a house on the left of the trail.

Captain Gunn's Tomb - Towards the end of the dungeon, when you enter Gunn's Tomb, go to the back and the bunch there.

Volcano - The bunch is on the top level, where the boss is.

Scurvy Dog Hideout - The bananas are to the right of the stairs, between the 2 houses/buildings.

Sacrifice Cave (The Gold Mine) - In the first area of the cave, go to the back, near the waterfall.

Gold Monkey (The Gold Mine) - Before you go in to fight Gortez, look to the left of the stairs and you will find the bananas

Corsair's Cove - On the beach behind the house.

Puerto Mico - Exit the palace and go down the stairs and to the right. The bananas are in the grassy area.

So that's all the bananas.  I hope this guide helped you out. Good luck and have fun! See you next time! :)