Friday, April 12, 2013


Hey Wizards!

First, I would like to say......If you like surprises, read all the way to the end of this post! Now, on to business. :)

Today is the start of Wizard101's Mount-a-Palooza sale!  You can get mounts in the Crowns Shop for up to 60% off!  Make sure you hurry and check the sale out, because it ends April 21, 2013.

Kingsisle has also released the first 2-person mount that has been available for purchase in the shop.....The Treant Mount!  This mount is normally 15000 crowns, but can be purchased during the sale for 13500 crowns.

There are also several retired mounts that have been brought back, as well as a few mounts that will be retired at the end of the sale.  To see all the details of the Mount-a-Palooza sale, as well as a complete list of mounts being brought back and/or retired, click here.

This sale is awesome!  And I figured Secrets of the Spiral could participate with a little surprise.  I have decided to give away a mount to one lucky person.  Not any mount though. The winner will be able to choose one of the four mounts that is going to be retired: Bat Wings, Moonlight Pony, Ancient Koi, or Spritely Seahorse.

Here's how to enter:  Follow this blog and leave a comment by Friday, April 19, 2013 at 12:00pm Eastern telling me which one of these four mounts you would like to have.  I will choose one random winner using and will gift that person the mount that they commented about.

*Important note* If you are under the age of 13 years old, please get permission from your parent/guardian before entering any contest or giveaway!

Good luck and, as always, thanks for reading! :)


Unknown said...

Lol, I think I check twitter too much to know that you posted this already! :P

If I had to get one of the mounts, I would take the Sea Horse (or whatever it's called.) Great post as always, and thanks for being so generous! :)

anthony shadowgem said...

I would love the seahorse!

Thanks for the contest as always!

Blaze Shadowhorn said...

Wow! Awesome giveaway Autumn! If I had to pick one of these four amazing mounts, I would have to pick the Koi because I have always loved Koi fish and it's just soooooooo epic :P

Thanks for the giveaway!

Unknown said...

I would pick the wings.

Al Neuu said...

I would like the seahorse.

Thank you :)

Lunar Fairy said...

I would love the moonlight pony! :)
Thanks for the contest!

Jack Dragonshield said...

Thank you very much for this contest Autumn!
I'd really love to have the Bat Wings as its always been one of my favorites ever since it was released, but the cost was always out of reach for me.
Currently, it is the cheapest mount in the crowns shop and I'd really love to snag one before it retires.

~Jack Dragonshield

tabitha said...

i would love to have the seahorse. i think they are just too cute. thank you for the contest.

David1822 said...

I would love the Spritely Seahorse. Thanks for hosting this contest! :)

Stacy Igwe said...

Oh cool contest.Thanks! I'd be grateful for a Ancient Koi.

Anonymous said...

I would like the Bat Wings.

Thank you! :)

Good luck to everyone!

Unknown said...

Bat wings plz

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the contest! I always loved the Celestial Mounts, so I have to go with the Spritely Seahorse.

Unknown said...

Awesome contest and I prefer the Spritely Seahorse.


Raziel said...

I'd really love to have the Bat Wings.
Thanks for the contest!

Velma Feigel said...

cool contest! I would love the seahorse if I won, thanks!

Unknown said...

I'd love the seahorse. Thanks for the contest

Unknown said...

Because i am a death wizard i'd like the "Bat Wings"

yldchild said...

I would like the spritely seahorse because he looks, well,...spritely :)

great contest...thanks!

nora wildheart

Anonymous said...

Koiiiiii :D
Who doesnt like gold fishes? After all they are the one that can make wishes come true plus they are both on Pirate and Wizard XD
Gotta love them XD

Llewella Life

David Stormweave said...

good contest
i would have to say seahorse, because i'm starting an aquarium in my sunken palace, and i'm trying to get as much aquatic mounts as i can. it was hard to decide between the seahorse and koi fish, but i'll take seahorse