Friday, April 19, 2013

Pirate101 Mooshu World Map


Yesterday I posted a Pirate101 Spiral Map, which can be found here, to help navigate the sometimes-confusing skyways.  I thought it may also be helpful to have a map of Mooshu.  With all those different docks and areas, it is sometimes hard to remember exactly where everything is.

I have included a map of the three Mooshu skyways, as well as a written list of all the skyways, docks and areas in Mooshu.  I hope this helps everyone! Please feel free to contact me with any other questions, comments or ideas! Happy questing! :)

Hamamitsu Skyway
Hamamitsu Garden Dock
Hamamitsu Garden

Khotan Skyway
Kaizoku Jima
Kaizoku Jima
-Shinobi Cavern (dungeon)

Khotan Dock
Khotan (dungeon)

Kita Dock
Sujimura Village
-Valley of the Titans
-Moomori Compound

Miniami Docks
Yagizawa Village

Nishi Dock
Moomori Compound
-Sujimura Village
-Valley of the Titans
-Moomori Clanhold Village (dungeon)
-Moomori Clanhold Cave

Rokugara Island
Rokugara Island
-Yakooza Cave

Yama Kai
Yama Kai

Subata Skyway
Ashen Dock
Ashen Roads
-Temple of the North Wind

Crimson Dock
Temple of the South Wind
-Sacred Mountain
    -Monkey King's Cave

Icy Dock
The Paths of Penance
-Temple of the West Wind

Maruzame Castle
Maruzame Castle

Raven Island
Raven Island

Shadow Fortress Dock
Shadow Fortress (dungeon)

Subata Temple Dock
Subata Temple

Verdant Dock
Corrupted Shrine
-Temple of the East Wind

Wai No Shrine
Wai No Shrine

Windy Dock
Ravaged Valley
-Lake of the Rising Sun