Thursday, April 18, 2013

Pirate101 Spiral Map


If you're like me, when you first start playing Pirate101, all the different skyways and stormgates can get a little confusing.....which can lead to pointless roaming around the spiral.  I have put together this map to help you out.  Good luck and have fun questing! :)


blck roslyn said...

ok this map is SO helpful. but can i make one suggestion?

I'm trying to put together a map of the ENTIRE spiral. from both wizard and pirate101. that means wizard city, marleybone, monquista, grizzleheim, celestia, wysteria, the whole enchilada. perhaps could you also put together a map of the wizard101 spiral so i can compare it with this one? it would be a FANTASTIC help. THANKS!

blck roslyn said...

hey awesome map! though can you help me with something? i am rying to put together a map of the WHOLE spiral, meaning all of the worlds in both pirate101 AND wizard. this means wizard city, marleybone, monquista, valencia, grizzleheim, wysteria, celestia, etc, the whoooole enchilada.

so my question to you is: could you make a map just like this only using the wizard101 worlds? just figure out how to get to each world and make a map connecting them, just like this one. that way, i can compare both maps and make one big one! (crediting you of course...) i would really appreciate the help! just let me know if you will do it or not. thanks!