Monday, April 15, 2013

Pirate101 Trivia Contest Winner

Hey everyone!

It's time to announce the winner of the Pirate101 Trivia Contest.  The prize is a $10 Pirate101 gift card.  If you are curious what the correct answers were, you can see them at the end of the post.

There were 12 valid entries in all.  I put the names into and let it choose the winner.  Before I announce who won, I would like to thank everyone who entered, and to remind you to look for more contests and giveaways in the future.

Now, to announce the winner.  I would like to say congratulations to..............

I will be emailing your code to the email address you used to enter.  Congrats again!  And thanks again to everyone who entered! :)

As promised, here are the correct answers to the trivia questions (answers are in bold):
  1. When creating a pirate, what are the 5 causes of being orphaned, and which companion do you get for each cause? Giant Squid-Birgus Latro (crab thug), Shipwrecked-Jack Russell, Armada-Gaspard De Vole, Storm-Milo Greytail, Mutiny-Dead Mike
  2. When did the Pirate101 headstart begin, and when was the official release date? Headstart- October 8, 2012  Official release - October 15, 2012
  3. Tell me the locations of any 3 training tomes in Pirate101. You can see a complete list here:Guide to Ancient Tomes  
  4. What classes are Bonnie Anne, Ratbeard, and El Toro?  Bonnie Anne-Musketeer, Ratbeard-Buccaneer, El Toro-Swashbuckler
  5. Which 2 worlds haven't been released yet, but have stormgates in the game already?  Marleybone and Aquila
  6. Which pet is the reward for the Mooshu Mystic badge?  Imperial Lion
  7. Which worlds in Pirate101 have Prospector Zeke quests, and what items does he have you find in each world?  Skull Island-Funky Bunch, Monquista-Gypsy Kings, Valencia-Seagulls, Cool Ranch-Dixie Chicks, Mooshu-Shonen Knives
  8. How many skyways are in Cool Ranch? There are 6
  9. Which area in Pirate101 "snows?" (Looking for a specific place. There are 2 possible answers. Only give me one) Raven Island or Paths of Penance
  10. Which Wizard101 pet/spell do you have to fight against in the Pirate101 version of Mooshu? (Boss fight)  The answer I was looking for is Stormzilla