Thursday, April 11, 2013

The 101 Day Sale!

Ahoy Mateys! And Howdy Wizards!

Kingsisle has brought us a treat to celebrate the 101st day of 2013! Both games have reduced 5 items in the Crowns Shop to only 101 crowns! They are also giving each player a free gift in Pirate101 and a free gift in Wizard101 today only. 
A free Pirate Eyepatch!
A free Fickle Pickle seed!
You can click the links above to claim your free items too. :)

On a side note, Kingsisle didn't announce what the sale items are on their websites, but if you're curious, I can show you!  Ready?

Here are the Pirate101 items:

And here are the Wizard101 items:

Okay, well you didn't think that I would really make it THAT easy did you? If Kingsisle isn't shouting about what the items are, well......neither am I. However, if you look closely enough, you might get a hint about where to start your search. :) Good luck! :)