Monday, April 22, 2013

The Betrayal Part 1


I said that I would be back with an update on my Privateer, so here I am!  I got to do a little questing over the weekend, and met some interesting.....people? Creatures? Characters? Sure, we'll go with "characters." :)

When I last quested, I was on my way to track down Tonka, who has been captured.  I was sent to the totems and there was a ginormous bird there....Thunderbird.

Well, thanks......I think? :P
Anyway, Thunderbird told me that I have to bring peace to the Totem Spirits and sent me off to Raven Eyes and Sun Dancer to learn the story of Three Scars betrayal.  Eventually we learn that the 3 Totem Spirits are Brother Owl, Sister Snake and Brother Wolf.

My first assignment is to bring back tails from deadly Stingtail scorpions and then get the spirit flute from Redsash Ships. Sounds like a good time, right? :)

The ships were actually easy. I got the flute on the first try.  But I did have quite a bit of trouble with the Stingtails. I'm not really sure why, maybe it was just bad luck or too early in the morning. :P  However, my friend Clever Cole Collins came and helped out. and after a few fights, I had everything I needed.

I took everything to Raven Eyes and he sent me off to Gold Creek to use the flute and Stingtail rattle to summon Brother Owl.  First, I had to stop to talk to Prospector Zeke about the missing Dixie Chicks, then it was up the hill to talk to the owl.

Huge owl with creepy eyes.....that made my day! :P  He told me about Three Scars stealing the Headdress of Winds and giving it to Queen Hornet.  And guess what happened.....Her children tore it apart!  How rude of them!  So I was off to fight the hornets to get back the feathers and then get some beads from Black Storm Raiders.

I mostly didn't have too much trouble with this.  However, once 2 of the Black Storm Raider ships decided to gang up on me, and that is why my ship is on fire in that last picture.  I managed to get the feathers from the hornets and all 12 beads from the B.S.R.'s though and brought them back to Brother Owl.

Yay! He's a happy protector again! One down, two to go.  I'm getting closer! :)  Here is a look at what I will be doing next time.  I know someone who will LOVE my next post :P

See you later in the week with another update, and possibly a contest announcement! :)  I am also working on a few more guides that I hope to be done with in the next week or 2, so watch for those as well.  Have fun questing and thanks for reading! :)