Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Betrayal Part 2

Ahoy Mateyssss!

The lasssst time I possssted, I had won back Brother Owl'ssss loyalty and wassss on my way to ssssearch out Ssssisssster Ssssnake.  Firsssst I had to fight ssssome ssssky ssssnakessss and get one of their eggssss.

Getting ready for my sssssuper attack.....
And SSSSMASSSSH! I bet that hurt!
I got the egg after only one battle, sssso I headed off to ssssummon Ssssisssster Ssssnake.  And WOW! Sssshe issss HUGE!  Sssshe sssseemed nicccce though.

 Apparently the only reasssson sssshe wassss upsssset, wassss becaussssse Three Sssscarssss took her venom and didn't ussssse it to kill her ssssson as he had promissssed.  Ssssso I decccccided to help out and go ssssteal Flying Ssssnake'ssss fangssss.
Ha! Take that ssssnake! You aren't sssso sssscary now, are you?
Sssscared maybe, but not SSSSCARY! :P
Sssso after only one fight, I got the fangssss and brought them back to Ssssisssster Ssssnake, who wassss pleasssssed that I taught her ssssson a lesssssson.  Then it wassss time to go ssssee Raven Eyessss again. He wassss very happy and gave me my nexxxxt quesssst. Here issss a look at what I have in sssstore for me nexxxxt time.

Sssstriped Buffaloon meat.....Tasssstey!  Ssssee you nexxxt time. I hope you liked my ssssnake talk. I know one persssson who might be reading thissss who probably loved it!  Anyway, have fun quessssting in the Sssspiral! And thankssss for reading :)