Monday, April 29, 2013

The Betrayal Part 3


I have been VERY busy trying to fix Three Scars betrayals.  I definitely have to keep those Totem Spirits happy.  The last time I posted, I was on my way to get some yummy striped buffaloon meat to feed Brother Wolf.  I have to say, this is definitely not my favorite Pirate101 quest. It isn't too hard, but it does take a long time!  However, I managed to get all 8 pieces of meat and only died one time in the process!

Time to blow up some buffaloons!
Egg Shen prefers to show off though
Whack!  I bet that buffaloon has a headache now!
Healing time! :)
So I brought the meat to Brother Wolf and he told me the sad story of the Chief's Daughter, Silver Rain.  Three Scars used the venom he stole from Sister Snake to kill her! I am liking Three Scars less and less.
Another gigantic animal with creepy glowing eyes!
Level 24! :)
Anyway, Silver Rain's ghost was blinded by the venom, so now it was my job to help her find her way to the Spirit World, right?  Sure it was :P lol  First I had to talk to Sister Snake about an antidote for her venom and she told me I had to get Ghost tear and Grumwort herb. My companions and I went to ask Vadima for help and she sent us off to the Aztecosaurs for Ghost tear while she searched out Grumwort Herb (whatever that is) :P
Bonnie Anne is awesome! :)
It's electric! Boogie, woogie, woogie!
Egg Shen!  This isn't a dance lesson! :P
Buh-Bye Aztecosaur Mummy!
After that, Vadima told us she had tracked the Grumwort Herb to The Frogfather.  And then he said it had been stolen from him. So if we stole it back, we could have some.  Time for another battle!
Yeah, unpleasant for you maybe! :P
Attack of the flying Egg Shen!
Oooh, perty!
Take that!
So in the end we got the Grumwort Herb, and went back to Sister Snake, who made the antidote for us.  Then it was off to Silver Rain's grave to help her move on the the Spirit World.
We did it! Go us! :)
Next up, Brother Wolf wants me to make Three Scars pay for his betrayals.  But this post is already incredibly long, so more about that next time.  Thanks for reading and be sure to watch for "The betrayal Part 4".......DON DON DON!!! :P