Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Betrayal Part 4

Ahoy me hearties!

I am finally back with the final part of this quest.  When I left off, I was about to go defeat Three Scars, but first I had to defeat 10 Black Storm Raider ships to get to him.  Then it was off to find Three Scars.  I didn't get many pictures during this part of the quest (I was multi-tasking.) But I did get a few.

Gotta love Bonnie Anne!
Egg Shen going Ninja!
I love this healing spell. It's all shiny!
I defeated him no problem and at the end I got a new companion! :) I love getting new companions! :)

After telling Brother Wolf that I completed his mission, he sent me back to Thunderbird to find out where I could look for Tonka.  Apparently I am now in search of The Duck of Death. But first it is time to search out some silver bullets!

I am glad this quest line is over. It isn't that I didn't like it, but from what I remember on my Witchdoctor, questing seems to move along more quickly now.  Thanks for reading! See you soon :)